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Since the AFL-NFL merger, the worst division winning record was 7-9 by the 2010 Seattle Seahawks.

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Q: What was the worst ever division winning record in the NFL?
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What was the worst ever division winning record in the MLB?

The worst record to win a division in MLB history was 82-80 by the San Diego Padres, the National League West Division winners in 2005.

What is the worst record the Cubs have ever had?

The Cubs worst winning percentage in a season is .364 by the 1962 and 1966 teams. Both teams had a record of 59-103.

What was the Minnesota Viking's worst record ever?

The Vikings worst winning percentage for a season came in 1962 when their record was 2-11-1 for a winning percentage of .179. The most losses in a season was 13 in 1984 when they went 3-13 for a winning percentage of .188.

Who has the worst division in the NFL?

NFC West Division leading Seahawks are the first team to ever make the playoffs with a losing record of 7-9.

What is the worst record to ever win a NCAA basketball title?

vilanova 1988 Kansas was 27-11, winning % of .710 1985 Villanova was 25-10, winning % of .714

What steeler quarterback has a winning record raven?

that is the single dumbest question ever asked. = "What steeler quarterback has a winning record raven?" = What is your IQ?

What basketball coach had the worst record ever?

Calvin stokes

What was the worst NBA team record ever?


Who was the worst boxer ever?

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What team had the worst record that ever made it to the Division 1 Men's Final Four tournament?

The worst seeded teams ever to make it to the NCAA Final Four were both George Mason University in 2006 and Virginia Commonwealth University in 2011. They were both 11 seeds entering the tournament.

What is the worst NFL team ever?

by far the Detroit lions although by the winning percentages Houston Texans

Did the Miami Dolphins AFC ever have a wimless season ever?

No. Their worst season record was 1-15 in 2007.

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