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1,284.By Pele(Brazilian Soccer player)

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Q: What was the world's record of having the most goals in soccer?
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What is the worlds record for the most netball goals in one game?

123 goals

What is the record for most goals in a soccer game?


What is the wolrd record for the most goals scored in soccer?


Which soccer player holds the record for most goals in a season?

It was C.ronaldo wit 40 goals.

Who broke the record of most goals scored in 1 year in soccer?

Lionel Messi, who scored a record 86 goals in 2012.

How many goals did mia hamm score in soccer?

158- record

What is the world record for most goals in one game of soccer?


Whats the World record for soccer goals?

It is 10 goals by Spain in the FIFA Confederations Cup of 2013.

Most goals scored in soccer worldcups?

It must be Brazil holding that record.

What is the professional record for soccer goals in one game?

40 goals agains 0 these was AUSTRALIA agains some other team

Who holds the record for the most hat tricks ever scored in soccer?

laly, with 500 goals

Who holds record for most goals scored in the European cup?

Raul currently holds the record, having scored 66 goals in total in the competition.

What soccer star holds the womens record for most international goals scored?

its mia hammBirgit Prinz

Who holds the world record of the most goals shot in one soccer game?

It is Archie Thompson of Australia.

Who holds the record for the most goals scored in a season in soccer?

37 goals in a season. by Cody Rizzo in Temecula California at Chaparral High School.

How many goals has Landon Donavon scored in his career?

He leads the all time scoring record for Major League Soccer he currently has 143 goals.

What is the population of Goals Soccer Centres?

Goals Soccer Centres's population is 650.

When was Goals Soccer Centres created?

Goals Soccer Centres was created in 1987.

What soccer player has the most goals?

Pele has the most goals in the history of soccer. He scored almost 1200 goals.

In soccer leagues what does 'goals for' mean?

"Goals For" in soccer means the amount of goals your team scored in every game.

Who scored the most goals in soccer history?

i know that Mia Hamm broke the record but I'm not sure if she still holds it

What is the record for goals by a Carolina Hurricanes defenseman?

The all-time Hartford Whalers/Carolina Hurricanes franchise record for goals by a defenseman is held by Glen Wesley and Mark Howe, each having scored 51 goals. Howe scored all of his goals as a member of the Whalers. The Hurricanes record for goals by a defenseman is 38 by Sean Hill.

What is soccer played with?

A soccer ball and two goals.

What percentage of goals in soccer are self goals?

About .02

What are outdoor and indoor soccer goals called?