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The first event of the first Winter Olympics (1924) was the 500 meter speed skating race, won by US skater Charles Jewtraw.

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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: What was the very first winter Olympic event?
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Who was the first olympic runner?

Coroebus. He won a 210 yard race.Coroebus, he won the stade event in the Olympics(210 yards). He was the very first Olympic champion in history.

Where to lakitu in Mario and sonic at the olympic winter games?

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What is the Longest ongoing olympic sport?

The only event at the very first (classical) Olympic games was the Stadion foot race. A Stadion was about 200m, and women were not allowed to compete, so it would be fair to say that the Men's 200m is the oldest ongoing Olympic event, and therefore Athletics the oldest ongoing Olympic Sport.

What is the hardest olympic winter sport to do?

Biathlon (the target shooting part is very hard)

When was the first modern Olympic Games held in Athens?

The first time the modern olympic games were held in Athens was the very first modern olympic games in 1896.

When was the very first olympic games?

It was in 770 B.C

How many spectators were at the very first Olympic games?


What year was the very first olympic games held in?


Length of the very first olympic games?

one day

When was the very first olympic race held?

776 BC.

When and where was the very first ancient olympic?

it was in the 3rd century BC

Why was the first winter in Jamestown very hard?

The first winter in Jamestown was very hard for many reasons. The winter was very cold and lasted a long time. Food was sparse and many people became ill.

Who is Luigi's rival that is very cunning in Mario and sonic at the olympic winter games?

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Why were the original Olympic games held?

the recorded evidence of the very first Olympic games was held in greek, athens!!

What do you have to do to become an Olympic swimmer?

Make your national olympic cut times. Usually starting with making the national team. That itself takes many years of practice. You have to make a very fast Olympic Trial Cut, which only about 100 swimmers make in each event. Then to make the olympic team you have to place in the top two in the event.

When did the very first Ancient Olympic games occur?

athens athens

What was the first winter like for the Pilgrims?

it was devistated for them and very cold

In which year did the very first Olympic Games take place?

776 BCE.

When was volleyball very first invented?

In 1864 and it became an Olympic Sport in 1964.

What sports were played at the very first 776 BC Olympic Games?


What is the logical sentence of The pilgrim's first winter was very hard Almost half the group died?

The pilgrim's first winter was very severe as almost half the group died.

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i felt that it was very cool those guys were doing it out there i wish i was there OMG it was totally awesome

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What are the top facts about ancient Greece?

#1. they were the first to hold the very first olympic games #2.

Was darts ever an olympic event?

Barry Hearn (PDC Owner) is trying very hard to get darts in the Olympics 2012.