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The first event competed at the Ancient Olympics was the stade race, a foot race of approximately 192 meters. The first event competed at the Modern Olympics was the 100 meter dash.

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Q: What was the very first game of the Olympics?
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When was the first Olympics played?

the first Olympics game festival was in 776 bc

Where the first basketball game in the Olympics?

The first game in the Olympics, besides the demonstration, was held in Berlin, Germany on August 7, 1936.

Where was the Olympics when soccer was introduced?

Soccer (Football) was first played in 1900 Olympics and the first FIFA recognized game was in 1908 Olympics.

First Olympic race?

The 1896 Olympics, the very first modern Olympics. but then again, the ancient Greece Olympics too.

When was volleyball first included in the Olympics?

it was first played at the 1924 Summer Olympics at Paris as a "simple game" but it was officially included in the 1964 Summer Olympics

Who was the first country to get a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics?

your internet is stupid and that i ment in the first game in the 2012 olympics

When was the first winter game Olympics were held in what year?

The first Winter olympics were held in 1924 - at Chamonix, in France.

What day did the Olympics start?

The first Olympics game was played at Helsinki in 1928 in Greece.

What is the first game played in the Olympics?


What was the name of the first game show?

The Olympics

What was the first Olympics game?

around 1924

When were the very first Olympics?


Who was the very first person to win a gold medal in the Olympics?

latvian cyclist won the first medal in olympics 2012

When and where were the first modern Olympics game held?


When were the first Olympics game held?

776 BC

When was the first Olympics game?

in athens,greece in 776BC

When was the first athletic game of the Olympics held?


What year was the first Olympics game?

around 1924

Where were the very first Olympics held?


When the Olympics was held?

Your question is somewhat unclear, the very first Olympics was held 786 BC

What was the first game for womens in olympics?

The first game that held in oiympics for womens is boxing .

When was the very first Olympics held?

The traditional date for the first Olympic Games was 776 BC. The first Modern Olympics was held in 1896.

The first Olympics game were held in the year?

In 776 B.C.

Which country is the first to host the youth Olympics game?


In what country the Olympics originate?

The Olympics started in Greece , and the first game was held in Athens.