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Q: What was the tsar's wife role in the Russian revolution?
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Why was Nicholas ii the last tsar?

As a result of the first Russian Revolution in 1917, the monarchy was overthrown and the position of Tsar was abolished. Since no later Tsars came to power, Nicholas was the last one. Nicholas II, with his wife and all five of his children were killed by the Bolsheviks during or shortly after the October (Communist) Revolution in Russia, so the primary claimants to the throne were no longer available to be restored by a counter-revolution, had one occurred.

Did tsar Alexander the 2 abolished serfdom before or after the Russian revolution?

The Russian revolution began with his death and the deaths of his wife and 6 children . He did not abolish serfdom. The whole point of the revolution was to overthrow the Czar and replace him with a government that controlled all aspects of living for the Russian people.

What role did Alexandra play in Russian Revolution?

Alexandra was the wife of the Tsar. She was german-born but spoke English. She was highly influenced by Rasputin and tried to rule Russia for herself instead of letting her husband Nicholas the Tsar do it.

Is doctor Zhivago a book?

Yes, it is written by Boris Pasternak I am wrapping up the book myself. It is about a Russian poet/physician and his love for his wife and his mistress during the Russian Revolution.

What is the Russian word for wife?

The Russian word for wife is "жена" which is pronounced as "zhena."

How do you say this and that in Russian?

my wife and I in Russian?

What is the title for a Russian emperors wife?

Tsarina is the name of a Russian rulers wife.

What role did women play in the scientific revolution?

Women's role in the scientific revolution was minimal. Maria Winkelmann Kirch, wife of astronomer Gottfried Kirch, worked alongside the husband and made observations and calculations for the scientific revolution. Apparently, Kirch's three sister-in-laws were also engaged in scientific observations.

How do say wife in Russian?

The word for wife in Russian is "жена" (zhena).

Who is Diego Silang's wife?

Diego Silang's wife was Gabriela Silang. She was a notable figure in Philippine history and also played a significant role in the Philippine Revolution against Spanish colonization.

Was jiang qing good..............or EVIL?

I think that she was pretty evil because she played a huge role in the Cultural Revolution and she was Mao's wife. Also, she became a "mastermind" of the Cultural Revolution and her "cliques" were most of the blame for the devastation of the Cultural Revolution. And she was also arrested.

Did fernand leger have a wife?

Yes, his wife was Russian, her name is Nadia.