What was the total 2009 NFL revenue?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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6.54 billion dollars in 2007

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300 Billion.

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Q: What was the total 2009 NFL revenue?
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What earns more in total revenue NFL or NHL?

PORBOLY NFL! NFL Rocks as well!

Least revenue NFL team in 2009?

Minnesota Vikings are ranked 32, the worst.

What are the release dates for NFL Total Access - 2003 2009-01-13?

NFL Total Access - 2003 2009-01-13 was released on: USA: 13 January 2009

What was NFL revenue in 2007?


What is the total money amount for NFL fines in 2009?

depends wot u did!!! :)

How much revenue does the NFL generate from merchandise sales?

Merchandise is the second greatest revenue source for the NFL. Each year the NFL generates two billion dollars from merchandise sales.

How do you calculate total revenue?

To calculate total revenue you simply multiply the quantity by the price. Total revenue includes expenses; therefore, total revenue isn't the same as profit.

What percentage of NFL revenue goes to NFL players?

57% or 50%, I'm not sure.

How do you calculate total room revenue?

how do calculate total of rooms revenue

What was the total 2010 NFL revenue?

The 2010 number has not been released but it is estimated between $8-9 billion with $3.8 billion coming from the NFL's television contracts with FOX, CBS, NBC, ESPN, and DirecTV.

Total revenue and total cost curves?

total cost= total revenue, it is the same thing in different name.

What sport produces the most revenue in America?

American football (NFL)produces the most revenue in America.