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bobby orr slapshot speed

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Q: What was the top speed of Bobby Orr slapshot?
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Did Bobby Orr ever lead the league in penalty minutes?

No. Orr was never in the top 5 penalty minutes leaders in any NHL season he played.

3 top famous athletes in 1970-1971?

rex smith kareem abdul-jabbar bobby orr

Has Bobby Orr donated to any charities?

I can't remember specific charities off the top of my head, but Bobby Orr is known as the most giving athlete (both time and money) in Boston history.

What are some of the top speeds of a fast slapshot?

A slapshot in ice hockey is the fastest shot a player can make. During a hockey game, the speed of the puck can exceed 100 miles per hour. The current speed record belongs to the Boston Bruins' Zdeno Chara whose shot clocked a speed of 108.8 miles per hour.

What is the top 10 most expensive hockey cards?

Hockey cards have been around for many years. The top 10 most expensive cards include Bobby Orr (1966), Jacques Plante (1955), Guy LaFleur (1971), Bobby Hull (1958), Georges Vezina (1911), Gordie Howe (1954), Mario Lemieux (1985), Gordie Howe (1966), Bobby Orr (1966) and Wayne Gretzky (1979).

Top 5 grossing sports films?

slapshot the hangover and diary of a wimpy kid

NHL Top 5 Point leaders for defensemen?

1 Bobby Orr 2 Chris Pronger 3 Scott Nedyermier 4. Nick Lidstrom 5 Brian Leetch

Names of Top 100 Canadian hockey players?

sorry, can't name that much but here are 6: Wayne Gretskey Gordie Howe Bobby Orr Maurice Rachard Mario Lemieux Sidney Crosby

What was the top speed in NASCAR in the 1970's?

200 MPH turned at Talladega in 1970 by Buddy Baker and Bobby Isaac.

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The Ford GT boasts a Top speed of 205 mph while the Lamborghini's rank in as follows: 350GT - Top speed 150 mph 350 GTV - Top speed 170 mph 450 GT 2+2 -Top speed 160 mph Muira - Top speed 179 mph Espada - Top speed 179 mph Islero - Top speed 154 mph Jarama - Top speed 150 mph Urraco -Top speed 140 mph Countach -Top speed 183 mph Silhouette -Top speed 160 mph Jalpa -Top speed 150 mph LM002 -Top speed 130 mph Diablo -Top speed 210 mph Murclelago -Top speed 219 mph Gallardo -Top speed 190 mph Reventon - Top speed 221 mph So as you can see, only three models of Lamborghini are faster than the Ford GT.

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the top speed is 199km

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