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Q: What was the team roster for the UConn men's basketball team in 2005?
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What was the uconn mens basketball team roster in 1990?

Tate George Scott Burrell Chris smith

What division is UConn basketball?

UConn mens and womens basketball play in NCAA Division I.

Who was on the 1998 Arizona mens basketball roster?

Who was on the 1998 Arizona mens basketball roster?

What is uconn mens basketball lowest scoring half?

4 points

Who are all time leading scorers for UCONN mens basketball?

Chris Smith

What was the 1995 North Carolina mens basketball roster?


What was the 1988 Rhode Island mens basketball roster?


What was the 1974 mens basketball roster at UNLV?

ricky sobers

What is the NCAA mens basketball team roster size?


What mens teams are in the 2011 NCAA final four basketball?


What schools have won both mens and womens ncaa basketball championships?

university of Connecticut and University of Maryland

Most consecutive NCAA basketball wins ina row?

uconn mens team with 88 wins

What school has won the most NCAA men's and woman's basketball championships?

Tenn and UCONN are tied at 8...Tenn having 8 in womens and 0 in mens while UCONN has 6 in womens and 2 in mens

Indiana University 1970-1971 basketball team?

Who was on the 1970-1971 iu mens basketball roster.

What is the ucoon mens basketball practice facility called?

It is called Gampel Pavilion. It is right next to the UCONN campus.

1994 purdue's men's basketball roster?

Who was on the roster of the1979 University of Michigan Mens Basketball team?

earvin magic Johnson

Who was on the 1970 umass mens basketball roster?


What was the 1995 North Carolina Tar heel mens basketball roster?

Who was the Starting Five on the 1995 Team

Who won the NCAA mens championship in 2014?

UCONN Huskies

Who was on the LSU Basketball mens roster 1970-1971?

danny hestor pete maravich al sanders randy newton

Where can I find the Louisville cardinals mens basketball roster for 1988?

If you go online and look on Google you will find the roster. It is also on Wikipedia as well. The website that has it is the Sports Reference site.Ê

Who won the NCAA tournament in 2009?

mens: unc. womens: uconn

What was the Kansas Mens Basketball Team Roster of 1988?

25-Danny Manning 32-Mike Maddox 20-Rick Calloway

What was 1993 Missouri mens basketball roster?