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The Seattle Mariners' Starting Lineup in 1996 was Darren Bragg in Left Field, Joey Cora at Second, Ken Griffey Jr. batting third and playing Center Field, the DH Edgar Martinez batting fourth, Right Fielder Jay Buhner batting fifth, First Baseman Paul Sorrento batting sixth, Third Baseman Russ Davis batting seventh, Catcher Dan Wilson batting eighth and shortsotp Alex Rodriguez batting ninth. Randy Johnson was the Mariners' 1996 Opening Day Starter.

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Mariners in 2001 actually had 116 wins with 46 loses

Starting Line-up

1B John Olerud
2B Bret Boone
3B David Bell
SS Carlos Guillen
LF Al Martin
CF Mike Cameron
RF Ichiro
C Dan Wilson
DH Edgar Martinez

Util Mark McLemore

Starting Rotation

Freddy Garcia
Aaron Sele
Jamie Moyer
Paul Abbot
John Halama and Joel Pinero

Closer Kaz Sasaki

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Q: What was the starting line up for the Seattle Mariners when they won 119 games?
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