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What was the St. John's University men's Basketball roster in 1988-1989 season?

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Q: What was the st john's university men's basketball roster in 1988-1989 season?
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Who was on the 1995 University of Arizona mens basketball roster?

The roster of the 1995-96 Arizona men's basketball team included Corey Williams, A.J. Bramlett, and Miles Simon. Other players were Ben Davis, Reggie Geary, and Michael Dickerson. The team finished the season with a record of 26-7.

When did the University of Illinois basketball program begin?

Men's basketball became a varsity sport at the University of Illinois in the 1905-1906 season.

What NCAA team had the most current nfl players on its roster in a single season?

University of miami

Do University of Kentucky basketball players go to class?

Only in the Fall to get eligibility for basketball season.

What university did basketball star Larry Bird first attend?

Former NBA basketball star Larry Bird first attended Indiana University but he dropped out before the basketball season began.

What was Purdue's basketball roster for the 1969 season?

Billy Keller, Rick Mount, Herm Gilliam, Chuck Bavis, George Faeber, Ralph Taylor

Who was quarterback for the University of Georgia in 2003?

David Greene was the QB for the University of Georgia between 2001-2004. As of the 2007 season, he is on the roster of the Kansas City Chiefs.

What was the Iowa State basketball team roster 1988?

In the 1988-1989 season, the following players were on the roster: Alexander, Baugh, Mack, Born, Woods, Urquhart, Goodman, Moore, Pearson, Heger, Robinson and Spinks. The team was coached by Johnny Orr.

Who was the leading scorer for DUke University 2006-07 men basketball season?

jj reddick

Was Mike Woodson on the 1975-1976 Indiana basketball championship team?

No. Mike Woodson did not attend Indiana University until the 1976-1977 basketball season.

When was the last time Kansas state beat university of kansas 2 times in a season in mens basketball?

I could be wrong but i think it was the 1988 season.

How many regular season ACC championships has the University of Duke men's basketball team won?


Who was on Georgia tech 1990 basketball roster?

The Georgia Tech 1990 basketball roster consisted of Kenneth Anderson, Roderick A. Balanis, Jon Barry, Brian A. Domalik, Matthew A Geiger, Bryan M. Hill, Giuseppe Liantonio, Malcolm Mackey, James Munlyn, Ivano Newbill, Keith Tovey and Gregory S. White. The head coach for the season was Bobby Cremins.

What is the roster for the Baltimore Ravens 2010-2011 season?

See the link below for the Roster.

How many college basketball games did Louisiana State University have in the regular season of 2007?

They played 31 regular season games that year82

What is the most blocks by a mens NCAA basketball team for an entire season?

The University of Kentucky during the 2011-2012 Season has the most blocks, as a team, in one season in Division 1 Basketball in the NCAA. The season is still underway as of this point, however, they have already passed UConn with a total, to this date, of 317 Blocks.

What is the official start date for NCAA Basketball practice for the 2012 - 2013 season?

August 22nd university of Michigan

Who has the most NCAA basketball wins?

The University of Kentucky Wildcats with 2090 wins through the 2011-2012 season.

Has the University of Kentucky ever had an undefeated basketball season and win the NCAA national championship?

No, but we are the first with 2000 wins!

How many spots on a college football roster?

There is no limit to the amount of players that can be on a college football roster during the regular season. However, during the off-season the NCAA regulates that a total of 105 players are allowed on the roster.

Who was on the roster of the 1940 Green Bay Packers?

Click on the '1940 Packers Roster' link on this page to see who was on the roster along with their stats for the season.

What does SQ abbreviation mean on a football roster?

The University of Wyoming's athletic department website defines SQ as: Squad Member Previous Season But Didn't Earn Letter.

What sports is after the basketball season?

Baseball season follows basketball

Free throw leader in NCAA men's basketball in 1974-1975 season?

Frank Alagia, St. John's University

What NCAA women's basketball teams are undefeated in 2009-2010 season?

Division 2, Gannon University in Erie, PA.