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Interesting and very difficult to put into x amount of letters.

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Q: What was the song playing in love and basketball when monica went to the wba?
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What song was playing while Quincy and Monica were playing basketball at the end of Love and Basketball?

fool of me

What is the song on love and basketball when monica was training and Quincy was playing basketball?

"Our Destiny" Hinda Hicks

What song was playing in love and basketball when monica and Quincy were at usc?

"I like" by Guy

What is the song playing while Monica's sister is braiding her hair in the movie love and basketball?

Janet Jackson & Herb Alpert Making Love In The Rain.

What is the name of the song monica sings in love song?

what is name of the song that monica is dancing to when she is wearing the boots in love song

Who wrote the Monica song Why I Love You So Much?

The Monica song "Why I Love You So Much" was written by Darryl Simmons. The song "Why I Love You So Much" was on Monica's debut album called "Miss Thang".

In love and basketball the first time they make love what song is playing?

it's called This Womans Worth, by Maxwell

What is a good song to listen to when playing basketball?

None you should be into the game not a song ...

What were the names of the songs playing during the spring dance in love and basketball?

The Name Of The Song Is Just Got Paid by Johnny Kemp

What was the song when Monica and Chandler walked down the aisle in Friends?

Monica walked down the aisle to the tune of "My Love" by Paul McCartney.

Who sang the song we're playing basketball?

Kutis Blow

What song was playing when Monica and Chandler got married?

I think it was Cannon in D by Pachabel.

What was name of song played in love scene of love and basketball?

Maxwell - The Women's Work

What is the song playing Chandler purposes to Monica?

Monica proposes to Chandler but she couldn't stop crying long enough to propose so Chandler does it. The song is Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton.

When was Inside - Monica song - created?

Inside - Monica song - was created in 1998.

What song is playing on espy before playoff basketball games?

fight to win

Who sings the song you made a fool of me from the movie love and basketball?

Me'shell Ndegeocello

When was Here I Am - Monica song - created?

Here I Am - Monica song - was created on 2010-10-22.

What is the First song played at the prom in the movie love and basketball?

when mia first arrives at prom, the up beat song playing that everybody is dancing too is called "just got paid" by johnny kemp

What song was playing during women's college basketball highlights?

The star spangled banner

What song are they playing on ESPN during college basketball highlights?

One Shining Moment

When was Ain't Nobody - Monica song - created?

Ain't Nobody - Monica song - was created on 1996-05-21.

What is the song playing in degrassi love games commercial?

Snow Patrol: Just Say Yes. I love this song <3

What is the name of the song playing in khalil hey lil mama vid when he is playing basketball?

To be honest, no one knows lol but from what i know it`s a song that is coming out soon

Im looking for an old song a blond girl playing the piano its a calm song she is sitting in a room alone and playing and singing?

is it love song