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Q: What was the significance of the conversation Secretary Paulson had with the Chinese Finance Minister at the Beijing Olympics?
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What is the significance of Olympics?

the signifacance of the ancient Olympics was to honor zues.

What significance did greek gods play in the Olympics?

The Olympics were created to worship the Greek gods.

1 What is the significance of the the Olympics in your current society and how do the moderrn Olympics differ from the Olympics of ancient Greece?

It is something you can hope to do when you grow up. There are new activities.

What is the significance of winter Olympics?

The significance of t he winter Olympics is to emphasize the outdoor Olympics that require snow or a certain type of terrain. Also the countries come together as one showing proving that their are connections between them all even though they may be competing

What is the significance of the animals in the opening ceremony for the Olympics in London?

Britain is a land of farmers.

What significance did Cathy Freeman have in society in general?

she had a major significance in the aboriginal society as she won gold for Australia in the Olympics for running and is a major role model for them.

Who are the members of the British cabinet?

Currently, the Cabinet of the United Kingdom has twenty-three full and five alternate members, drawn from two political parties. The order of precedence for these members is not officially defined outside of the four major posts in the Cabinet. It is worth noting that the Conservative & Unionist Party, which controls most Cabinet posts, has a slightly different Cabinet hierarchy to that of the other major parties in the United Kingdom due to its own internal structure.Full membersDavid Cameron (Conservative) - Prime Minister; First Lord of the Treasury; Minister for the Civil ServiceNick Clegg (Liberal Democrat) - Deputy Prime Minister; Lord President of the CouncilWilliam Hague (Conservative) - Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs; First Secretary of StateGeorge Osborne (Conservative) - Chancellor of the ExchequerTheresa May (Conservative) - Secretary of State for the Home Department; Minister for Women & EqualityThe Baroness Warsi (Conservative) - Chairwoman of the Conservative PartyKenneth Clarke (Conservative) - Secretary of State for Justice; Lord ChancellorDr. Liam Fox (Conservative) - Secretary of State for DefenceDr. Vince Cable (Liberal Democrat) - Secretary of State for Business, Skills & InnovationIain Duncan Smith (Conservative) - Secretary of State for Work & PensionsChristopher Huhne (Liberal Democrat) - Secretary of State for Energy & Climate ChangeAndrew Lansley (Conservative) - Secretary of State for HealthMichael Gove (Conservative) - Secretary of State for EducationEric Pickles (Conservative) - Secretary of State for Communites & Local GovernmentPhilip Hammond (Conservative) - Secretary of State for TransportCaroline Spelman (Conservative) - Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural AffairsAndrew Mitchell (Conservative) - Secretary of State for International DevelopmentOwen Paterson (Conservative) - Secretary of State for Northern IrelandMichael Moore (Liberal Democrat) - Secretary of State for ScotlandCheryl Gillian (Conservative) - Secretary of State for WalesJeremy Hunt (Conservative) - Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media & SportDanny Alexander (Liberal Democrat) - Chief Secretary to the TreasuryThe Lord Strathclyde (Conservative) - Leader of the House of Lords; Chancellor of the Duchy of LancasterAlternate membersSir George Young (Conservative) - Leader of the House of Commons; Lord Privy SealPatrick McLoughlin (Conservative) - Government Chief Whip; Parliamentary Secretary to the TreasuryFrancis Maude (Conservative) - Minister for the Cabinet Office; Paymaster GeneralDavid Willets (Conservative) - Minister of State for Universities & ScienceOliver Letwin (Conservative) - Minister of State of the Cabinet Office; Prime Ministerial advisorDominic Grieve (Conservative) - Attorney General

What does the l in Olympics mean?

The name "Olympics" is not an acronym, so there is no particular significance to each letter. It comes from the name Olympia, the sanctuary where the ancient Olympic games were held.

Does Denmark represent Greenland in the Olympics?

Yes, Greenland is a part of Denmark. Same Queen, Prime minister, money etc.

Has there been any recent Kenya news about the next Olympics?

There has not been any recent news with regards to Kenya and the next Olympics. The Kenyan Prime Minister has stated that the country plans to bid to hold the Olympics in Kenya. However, no further statements have been made since.

What was the significance behind the return of the olympic games to Athens in 2004?

the significance is that it was held on Friday the 13th -- a little more information would be nice No particular significance as far as the date. They actually wanted desperately to have the Olympics in 1996-the 100th anniversary of the first games but the IOC felt their city was not ready. To save face they tried a little harder and were awarded the games for 2004.

What does the color blue depict in Olympics?

The colour blue has no individual significance on the Olympic flag. It was chosen, as were alll the other colours, because at least one of them appears on each nations flag.