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Early professional Baseball did not have the home plate we are used to seeing today. In its early years, home plate was a diamond shape.

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Q: What was the shape of home plate in early baseball history?
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Home plate on a baseball field is the shape of a pentagon.

What is the shape of baseball bases?

Square. And home plate is a pentagon.

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Why is the home base in baseball a different shape from the other bases?

The home base took on its odd shape by design in the early 1900s so that the umpires could have a better judgement of the game, so that they could tell whether a pitch was over the plate or not.

What geometrical shape is home plate?

When playing baseball, the home base is the shape of a pentagon. Meaning that it has a total of five sides.

What geometric shape was FtSumter?

It is a pentagon, but not a regular pentagon- it is shaped like home plate for baseball or softfball.

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What is the shape of a baseball home plate?

pentagon line on bottom two up each side two more lines connect to a point

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Why is a baseball home plate 17 inches across?

Originally home plate was a 12 inch by 12 inch square. It was rotated 45 degs. so that it fitted the playing field. The pitchers would argue that they would not get the called strike when the ball went over the corners of the plate. On March 9th 1900 the owners in the National League changed the shape of home plate to five sides in order to get rid of the corners. They figured this would eleminate the arguements on called strikes. Before changing the shape of the plate, the distance across the corners was 16.97 inches. After making the change it appears that they rounded off the distance to make the width of the plate an even 17 inches.

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