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Super Bowl XV: Oakland Raiders 27, Eagles 10.

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They won 7-0

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Q: What was the score when the jets won their first super bowl?
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What was the final score in the Super Bowl when the jets won the Super Bowl in 1969?


What was the halftime score of Super Bowl III?

7-0 Jets

DID THE JETS win the first super bowl 1967?

No, the Packers won the first Super Bowl.

What was the score of Super Bowl III?

The score was 16-7. The New York Jets beat the Baltimore Colts.

Who won Super Bowl 3?

The New York Jets won Super Bowl lll by a score of 16-7 over the Baltimore Colts.

Who was the Jet player that scored the first touchdown in 1969 Super Bowl?

Matt Snell went 4 yards around the left end to score the Jets' only touchdown in Super Bowl 3

Who did the jets play in the Super Bowl?

The Jets played and beat the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. It is the only Super Bowl the Jets have played in.

Have the New York Jets ever played in the nfl Super Bowl?

Yes, they played in Super Bowl III on January 12, 1969 against the Baltimore Colts. The Jets won by a score of 16-7.

What was the score in Super Bowl 1969?

The New York Jets defeated the Baltimore Colts, 16-7, at Miami's Orange Bowl.

How man Super Bowls have the jets won?

The Jets have won one Super Bowl and that was Super Bowl III.

Have the jets ever won a Super Bowl?

Yes, the Jets have won a Super Bowl. They defeated the Baltimore Colts 16-7 in Super Bowl III.Yes, super bowl 3

When did New York Jets play in the super bowl?

The first time they ever played in a superbowl was super bowl 3.