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South Africa 213 (49.4 overs) Australia-213(49.2 overs).Australia went to the final because of higher net run rate and won over Pakistan in the final to win wc 1999.

Australia made 213(49.2) overs and South africa made 213(49.4) overs.Australia progressed to the final because they finished higher in the super six table than South Africa due to a superior net run rate.

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Australia, who batted first in the 2003 Cricket World Cup final, scored 359/2 in their fifty overs, an innings which included an unbroken 234 run partnership between captain Ricky Ponting and his teammate Damien Martyn.

Chasing this total, India reached 234 before being bowled out.

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England won at the Telstra Stadium, Sydney: England 20, Australia 17.

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The final score was;

England 20 Australia 17.

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Q: What was the score when Australia beat France in the Rugby World Cup final in 1999?
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Which country won the 1999 rugby world cup?

Australia. They beat France in the final.

What country is hosting the world rugby cup 2019?

Australia newzealand

Which country held the 1987 Rugby World Cup?

The 1987 Rugby World Cup was held in Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand ran out winners of the competition, beating France in the final, while Australia finished in fourth place.

Who was in the final of the rugby league world cup 2008?

New Zealand beat Australia in the final to win the 2008 Rugby League World Cup.

How many world cup rugby final has Australia played in?

Three: 1991 v England 1999 v France 2003 v England

Who won the 1987 rugby world cup in Australia?

There wasn't a final in Australia. The final was in Aukland, New Zealand and the All Blacks won

Where was the 2007 rugby world cup played?

France hosted the 2007 Rugby Union World Cup which was won by South Africa with England as the runners up

Final score rugby world cup 03?

England 20 - 17 Australia

In which year did Australia win the Rugby World Cup for the first time?

Australia's first Rugby World Cup tournament victory came in 1991, defeating co-hosts England in the final.

What is the score in the 1987 rugby world cup final?

New Zealand defeated France by a final score of 29-9.

Where did Australia win the the rugby world cup in 1991?

The Final in 1991 was played in Twickenham, London. Australia beat England 12 - 6. The whole event was jointly hosted by Wales, Ireland Scotland England and France

What country won the 1995 rugby world cup?

The 1991 Rugby World Cup final was held at Twickenham Stadium, in London, England.