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The score in the last game for Tottenham Hotspur was :

Tottenham Hotspur 0 - 1 PSV Eindhoven. [Played 6/3/08]

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It was a two one lose to mancheaster united

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9-1 agains wigan 09/10 season

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Q: What was the score of tottenham hotspur's last game?
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Gareth Bale was the last player to score a hat-trick in the Premier League for Tottenham Hotspur. This was scored on the 26th, December 2012 against Aston Villa, at Villa Park.

Who was the last team to score nine goals in the premiership?

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What school did Peter crouch go to?

Peter Crouch plays for Stoke City after he moved from Tottenham Hotspurs on the last day of the Transfer Window.

Who did Tottenham Hotspur beat 7-2?

As of 2011, the last time Tottenham Hotspur beat a team by a score of 7 - 2 was on March 10, 2000 - their unfortunate opponents were Southampton - Tottenham's seven goals included a hat trick from Steffen Iversen.

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