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The Texas Rangers defeated the Yankees 6-1 in game six of the 2010 ALCS.

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Q: What was the score of the last game between the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees?
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What was the Texas Rangers vs New York Yankees score on October 18 2010?

On October 18, 2010, in game 3 of the ALCS, the Rangers defeated the Yankees 8-0.

Yankees playing the Texas Rangers May 27 8PM What is the Score?

3-0 yanks top 5th

What is the highest score of a baseball game?

Texas rangers 30-3

2008 football score between Texas longhorns and Texas aggies?

Texas 49-9 tamu

What was the score when the San Francisco Giants beat the Texas Rangers in the World Series 2010?

The San Francisco Giants defeated the Texas Rangers 3-1 in Game 5 of the 2010 World Series. The Giants won the world title in five games.

What is the worst score in Major League Baseball history?

August 22, 2007 the Texas Rangers 30 Baltimore Orioles 3

What was the record between Red Sox and Yankees in 2012 regular season?

The record between the Red Sox and the Yankees in the 2013 regular season was such that the Yankees won the season with a score of 13-5. Red Sox finished last.

What team ended the Texas rangers 11 game wining streak in June 2010?

Houston astros by the score of 4-7 the rangers would go on to win the final two games in the series

What was the final score of the Detroit Tigers versus the Texas Rangers game on April 11 2009?

On the 11th it was 4-2, Tigers won!

Highest score ever recorded in the football league?

Rangers against Celtic the score was 8-2 to rangers

How many runs did Texas Rangers score on the second game against Baltimore Orioles in August 22 2007?

Texas scored 30 runs against the Orioles on 8/22/07.

Who ended the rangers 11 game win streak?

The Texas Rangers had a twelve (12) game winning streak in 2011 and it was snapped in a loss to the Los Angeles Angels by the score of 9-8 on July 20th.

What was the score of the last World Series?

The St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Texas Rangers in Game 7 of the 2011 World Series, 6-2.

When did Texas Rangers score 30 runs?

The Texas Rangers scored 30 runs against the Baltimore Orioles on August, 22 2007. The Orioles lead the game 3-0 until the top of the fourth when the Rangers scored 5 runs. The Rangers would go on to add 9 runs in the top of the sixth, 10 runs in the top of the eigth, and 6 runs in the top of the ninth, to win 30-3.

Last Celtic player to score hat rick against Rangers?

last Celtic player to score a hatrick against rangers

How many penalties did chris Boyd score for rangers?

28 for rangers.

What is the score between Baltimore and Texas baseball?

trains eating cake with waffles

What was the score of the 1978 sun bowl between Texas and Maryland?

42 - 0

What was the score of the final game of the world series in 2010?

The San Francisco Giants won Game 5 of the 2010 World Series, defeating the Texas Rangers by a 3-1 score. The Giants won the Series in five games.

What is the 2012 winter classic?

The 2012 Winter Classic was a NHL (Nation Hock League) Game between the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers. The Rangers won with a score of 3-2.

Did the Cleveland Indians win on May 3 2011?

No, the Cleveland Indians lost to the Texas Rangers on May 3, 2011. The score was 9-8 heading into the Bottom of the Ninth however the Texas Rangers scored 3 runs in the Bottom of the 9th in order for them to take the victory and make the Final Score by 11-9. The Winner Pitcher was given to Mark Lowe and the Loss went to Josh Ludy, a Relief Pitcher for the Cleveland Indians.

What is the rangers and Celtic score today?

1-0 maurice edu scored for rangers

What was the score of the game between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox today May 17 2010?

The Yankees won tonights game 11-9 over the Red Sox.

What was the score of the last World Series game?

St. Louis Cardinals 6, Texas Rangers 2. The Cardinals won the 2011 World Series four games to three.

How many goals did Alistair McCoist score for Rangers?

Between 1983 and 1998 he made 418 appearances and scored 251 goals.