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Q: What was the score of the last game Manchester city played Manchester united?
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What was the score last time Manchester united played Birmingham city?

The last time Manchester United and Birmingham played on 16th august 2009 Manchester won ith a Wayne Rooney goal 1-0 score.

Manchester United Played Against Manchester City?

Of course they have!

Players that have Manchester united to Manchester city?

Dennis Law and Carlos Tevez are players that formerly played for Manchester United and moved to Manchester City

How many times has Manchester United played Manchester City and won?

manchester united have played and beat manchester city a million times man city suck my big thick fat juicy dicktionary

What is Manchester united latest score against Machester city?

they lost the match by 6 to manchester city and 1 to the united side, wearst they got this season

Who has played for Manchester united Manchester city and Aston villa?

peter schmeichel

Played for manchester united and manchester city?

Andy Cole, Denis Law, John Macken, Peter Schmeichel, Carlos Tevez Brian Kidd all played for both Manchester City and manchester United

Who is the only player to have played for Newcastle United Liverpool Manchester City Manchester United?

Peter Beardsley

Which player played for Manchester United and Manchester City?

Denis law played for them during the 1960s and 70s

Which player played for Manchester United Manchester City Liverpool and Bolton?

peter beardsley

Which player have played for Manchester united and Manchester city?

It is Carlos Tevez,he moved in 2009.

How many time have Manchester United Played Against Manchester City?

Like Tons !! N united has on all of them!!

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