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Alabama and Kentucky last met on 10/03/2009

Alabama 38 - Kentucky 20

Alabama leads the series 35-2-1

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Q: What was the score of the last Alabama and Kentucky football game?
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What was the score the 1996 Alabama and auburn football game?

On November 23rd, Alabama beat Auburn 24-23.

When before 1997 was the last time the University of Kentucky beat the university of Alabama in football?

1922 in Lexington by the score of 6-0. The 1922 and 1997 games are the only two games Kentucky has won over Alabama ... in the other 36 games the teams have played Alabama has won 35 and one game ended in a tie.

What was the score of the Alabama and Arkansas game?

24-20 Alabama

Who won the NCAA national championship game in 2012?

In Football Alabama won because they are amazing and in basketball kentucky sadly beat KU

What is the highest score ever recorded in a University of Alabama football game?

It was 110-0 Bama beat Marion Institute in 1922

What is the score in a football game?

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What is the fastest score in a football game?

The fastest score in the NCAA would be 113-0. This is a football game.

What was the score for Alabama vs Mississippi state game?

Alabama 38 Mississippi 7

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When was University of Alabama's first football game?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, Alabama's first football game was played November 11, 1892 against Birmingham High School. Alabama won 56-0. Ironically, their second game was the very next day against the Birmingham Athletic Club. Alabama lost that game 5-4.

Where is the visitors section at a Alabama football game?

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