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I'm not sure what year you asked this, but in 2005 25-21 win, 2006 42-39, 2007 14-3, and 2008 42-7

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Q: What was the score of the Ohio State versus Michigan football game last year?
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What was the 2011 football score for Michigan vs Michigan state?

On October 15, 2011, the Michigan State Spartans defeated the Michigan Wolverines by a score of 28-14 in East Lansing, Michigan.

What was the score of the Ohio State versus Michigan game in 1984?

During the 1984 season, Ohio State beat Michigan 21-6.

What was the score of the OSU Michigan football game in 2007?

Ohio State 14, Michigan 3

What was the score of the Michigan Ohio state football game in 1902?

Michigan 86, Ohio State 0 played October 25.

What was the score of the Michigan vs Michigan state football game in 2009?

MSU won 26-20 in overtime.

Who won the very first football game between the university of Michigan and Michigan state?

University of Michigan by the score of 39-0 on October 12, 1898.

Iowa State versus Nebraska football score 1992?

November 14, 1992 in Ames: Iowa State 19, Nebraska 10.

For the last 10 years what is the football score between Michigan and Michigan State?

2004- MICHIGAN 45 Michigan state 38 2003- MICHIGAN 27 Michigan state 20 2002- MICHIGAN 49 Michigan state 3 2001- Michigan 24 MICHIGAN STATE 26 2000- MICHIGAN 14 Michigan state 0 1999- Michigan 31 MICHIGAN STATE 34 1998- MICHIGAN 29 Michigan state 17 1997- MICHIGAN 23 Michigan state 7 1996- MICHIGAN 45 Michigan state 29 1995- Michigan 25 MICHIGAN STATE 28

Score of first game between Michigan penn state?

The first football game the two schools played was won by Michigan, 21-13, on October 16, 1993.

Who won the first Iowa versus Iowa State football game?

Iowa State won by the score of 16-8 on October 1, 1894 in Iowa City.

Who won the football game between Michigan state and Oregon state on November 12 1949?

Oregon State by the score of 25-20. The game was played in Portland.

What was the score of Michigan vs Michigan state game 2008?

Michigan State 35, Michigan 21

What was the score of the Michigan-Ohio State football game in 1973?

The 1973 Michigan-Ohio State game was played November 24 in Ann Arbor. The game wound up in a 10-10 tie.

Highest score for university of Michigan football?


What was the highest score in an All-Ireland football final?

Dublin versus kerry

When is last time Michigan won against Ohio State in college football?

November 22, 2003 by the score of 35-21 in Ann Arbor.

Can you get into Michigan State University with a 2.7 GPA and a 27 on the ACT?

Your ACT score meets the requirement but with your GPA you should have some very impressive stuff on your application if you apply. I do know someone who graduated from high school with a 2.8 GPA and ended up going to Michigan State but it was a full ride on a football scholarship. if you ever watch a Michigan state football game look for Aaron Burbridge thats who im talking about.

What was the score between Wisconsin and Michigan state college football game?

MSU 37 - Wisconsin 31. MSU won the game on a hail Mary pass w/ no time left

What was the score Michigan Ohio State Buckeyes in 1969?

November 22, 1969: Michigan 24, Ohio State 12.

When was the last time ohio state buckeyes football team did not score in a game?

November 20, 1993 against Michigan in Ann Arbor ... the Buckeyes lost 28-0.

When was the last time Michigan football beat usc football?

Michigan defeated USC by a score of 22-14 on January 2, 1989 during the 1989 Rose Bowl Game.

What is Ohio state football highest score?

128 was Ohio State's highest single game score.

When was the last time Michigan football was shutout?

October 20, 1984 against Iowa by the score of 20-0.

Who won Iowa football today?

Iowa beat Michigan st. 16-13 with a last second score

What college football team won the Rose Bowl in 1956?

The Rose Bowl game, played January 2, 1956, was won by Michigan State over UCLA by the score of 17-14.

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