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MSU won 26-20 in overtime.

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Q: What was the score of the Michigan vs Michigan state football game in 2009?
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What state has 3 consecutive college football national titles?

The State of Alabama. 2009 Alabama, 2010 Auburn, 2011 Alabama.

Has Michigan State ever beat Michigan 3 years in a row in college football?

Yes. 2007, 2008, 2009

When is the last time Michigan beat Michigan state in football?


What is the all-time record of Michigan vs Michigan State in football?

As of the 2009 season, after the teams' game, Michigan leads Michigan State in the series 67-30-5. Also, as of the 2009 season, Michigan leads the series for the Paul Bunyan Trophy 34-21-2, which was started in 1953.

What was the score of montclair state cortland state football game played october 10th 2009?

Montclair State 16, Cortland St. 7

Who has the longest winning streak between OSU and Michigan football?

Michigan's longest winning streak against Ohio State is 9 games (1901-1909) and Ohio State's longest winning streak against Michigan is 6 games (2004-2009).

When did Michigan State Fair end?

Michigan State Fair ended in 2009.

When was the last time Miami FL beat Florida state?

They last beat them in football september 7 2009 by a score of 38-34.

What is Michigan State's seed in the final four 2009?

Michigan State is the number 2 seed.

Which college has the most wins of any college football program?

University of Michigan THE Ohio State University According to College Football Data Warehouse, as of the start of the 2009 season Michigan was the top Division 1 school 872 wins. OSU was 5th with 808.

How many people live in the state of Michigan in 2009?

10,075,985 live in Michigan

What is the 2009 Florida State football schedule?

What is the 2009 Florida State Football schedule and what are the scores as of 10/04/09?

When was the last time Michigan State had a Heisman winner?

Through the 2009 season, Michigan State has not had a Heisman Trophy winner.

What is the ACT score required to get into the university of Michigan?

There is not one specific ACT score required to get in. When I applied I had a score of 27 and was accepted. The average was 28 for the freshmen year in 2008-2009.

Last English football player to score a goal in Italian football?

David Beckham for AC Milan in 2009

How many times has Michigan state lost to Central Michigan?

3 times - 1991, 1992, and 2009. So, Central Michigan is 3-4 all time against Michigan State.

What is the attendance for um football game sept 17 2009?

110,278 (University of Michigan)

What is the Miami Hurricanes all time football record versus Michigan State?

Through the 2009 season, 4-0. Miami defeated the Spartans in 1945, 1959, 1982, and 1989.

Michigan state beat or lost to penn state?

Since 1993, Penn State and Michigan State play annually for the Land Grant Trophy. With Penn State's 42-14 win in 2009, Penn State has a 13-4 record against Michigan State in this rivalry. Michigan State's last win was in 2007.

When is the 2009 Michigan State Midnight Madness?

oct 16th

What states had a flat state income tax in 2009?


How many times has Central Michigan University played the University of Michigan?

Through the 2009 season, 3 times in football (1931, 2003, 2006). Michigan has won all 3 games.

When is the last time Michigan State beat Ohio State in football?

The last time Michigan State beat Ohio State was November 6th, 1999. They won 23-7. OSU has beaten MSU 7 times in a row. The Spartans and Buckeyes did not meet in 2001, 2002, and 2009, and will not meet in 2010 due to the Big Ten's revolving schedule. Only Indiana has gone longer without beating Ohio State (1988).

How many times did Ohio state won to Michigan?

Ohio state won 43 and Michigan won 57 by the end of 2009 not counting tied games

What is win-loss record for Ohio State vs Michigan football games?

As of the 2009 game that Ohio State won 21-10, the Wolverines lead the series 57-43-6.A lot of the Ohio State losses were before 1950. Since 1950 Ohio State leads 31-27- 2 Michigan won or tied the first 15 games. OSU beat Michigan for the first time in 1919.