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34-13 Broncos.

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Q: What was the score of the 1997 game Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots?
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What was the score during the 1997 game on Monday Night Denver Broncos vs the New England Patriots?

34-13 Broncos.

What was the score of the Boston patriots against Denver Broncos on September 9 1960?

In the very first regular season game in the AFL on Friday, September 9, 1960, the Denver Broncos defeated the then Boston Patriots 13-10.

What was the score of the first Boston Patriots game?

The first regular season game the Patriots played was September 9, 1960 and they lost to the Denver Broncos 13-10.

What was the score between the Patriots and Broncos?

They lost to the Broncos 24-30 in overtime.

Did the New York Gaints won any Super Bowls?

Yes, they've won 3.Against the Denver Broncos in 1987. Final Score: 39-20Against the Buffalo Bills in 1991. Final Score: 20-19Against the New England Patriots in 2008. Final Score: 17-14

What was the score to the last Denver Broncos Super Bowl win?

The Denver Broncos last won the Super Bowl in 1999. They matched up against the Atlanta Falcons. The score was 34-19.

What was the score of the first Super Bowl that the Broncos appeared in?

The Denver Broncos lost to the Dallas Cowboys 27-10.

What was the score to the Falcons first Super Bowl?

The score was 34-19 with the Denver Broncos coming out the victors.

Do Denver Broncos score more in first half or second half?


What two teams played in the Super Bowl XXXII and what was the final score?

Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers. The score was 31-24 Broncos won.

What song is played at Denver Bronco games after the Broncos score?

Shout by Ronald Isley

What was the score of the win against the Denver Broncos on Nov 28th 2004?


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