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Inter Milan beat Chelsea by 1-0 in the second leg of the champion league.

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Q: What was the score of Chelsea inter millan?
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Who won champions league 2010?

Inter Millan

Top 10 football clubs in the world?

1.FC Barcelona 2.Man Utd 3.Inter Millan 4.Juventus 5.Chelsea 6.Arsenal 7.Bayern Munich 8.Real Madrid 9.AC Millan 10.Lyon

Is inter better than Chelsea?

Of course inter is better!!

Can Chelsea with all the problems that its having now beat inter at the bridge?

Inter Milan have already beaten Chelsea this year.

Which inter Milan player was on loan at Chelsea?

The Inter Milan player who was on loan with Chelsea, was the Argentinean striker Hernon Crespo.

Who is the captain of millan?

Inter Milan : Javier Zanetti AC Milan : Ambrosinni

Is c ronaldo going to inter millan?

nope, the transfer window already shut

Who are some famous people from Portugal?

Jose marino (football manager (currently Inter Millan))

When do Chelsea play inter in the champions league?

Because Chelsea were grouped with InterMilan by u.E.F.A.

When are Chelsea playing inter Milan in the champs league?


What was the score with Chelsea Liverpool in 2008?

It was Liverpool 1-0 Chelsea

Who does Quaresma play for?

He was in the Chelsea squad but I believe he moved to Inter Milan