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the score was 3-1 England


the score was 3-1 England

SORRY GUYS... the correct answer was England 2 Scotland 3.

This is the famous Jim Baxter game played less than a year after England won the World Cup on the same pitch. Baxter famously played keepie-up while running with the ball, and Scots later claimed to be unofficial World champions... just a bit of fun to keep reminding England they had actually won a game against them, such was the rivalry.

15th April 1967. Wembley Stadium.


England: Jack Charlton, Geoff Hurst.

Scotland: Denis Law, Bobby Lennox, Jim McCalliog.

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England 22-16 Scotland

England won the Calcutta Cup by beating Scotland in this Six Nations match.

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Scotland 13- England 7

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Q: What was the score in the football match between England and Scotland in 1967?
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