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Q: What was the score for Mexico and Argentina in Uruguay 1930?
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Who played Uruguay in 1930?

Argentina play Uruguay in 1930

Who did Uruguay verse in the 1930 World Cup grandfinal?

As it happened in 1930 the finalists were Uruguay and Argentina.

Who won in World Cup in 1930?

Uruguay won the 1930 World Cup

Who did Uruguay play in the world cup finals in 1930?

It was with Argentina.

Who won the FIFA cup Uruguay 1930?

Uruguay itself. It won the final against Argentina.

When was the first football world cup where was it held who won and what was the score?

The first FIFA World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930. Uruguay won the Cup defeating Argentina, 4-2, in the championship game.

What place was Argentina in the first world cup in 1930?

Argentina was the Runner up Uruguay were the Champions that year

What was the country they played in the World Cup in 1930?

Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, France were in the 1930 world cup.

When was the first World Cup was win?

Uruguay won the first men's world cup in 1930, beating Argentina 3-2 in the final America won the first women's world cup in 1991, beating Norway 2-1

Who beat Argentina in the first wold cup and when?

Uruguay beat Argentina in 1930. That was when the first world cup was played!

When was FIFA first world cup?

It was in 1930, in Uruguay. Uruguay won it also by defeating Argentina 4-2 in the finals.

Who did Uruguay compete against in 1930?

Argentina. Uruguay won, winning the first FIFA World Cup ever. The world cup was hold in Uruguay.