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Manchester United won the game 3-2.

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Q: What was the score between Manchester United and Fulham on 25th August 2012?
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What team was Chris Smalling before Manchester United?

he was in Fulham you idiot

Player moved from fulham to Manchester united to everton?

The French striker Luis Saha moved from Fulham to Manchester United and now plays for Everton. But as he is always a injury prone footballer, he misses alot.

Where can you listen to Manchester United v Fulham radio commentary?

5 live bbc

How many goals has Nani scored for Manchester United against Fulham?

2000 u prick

Who is fulhams goalkeeper?

The Fulham goalkeeper for the match verses Manchester united was David stock dale.

Who has played for 7 different premiership clubs?

Andy Cole Arsenal Newcastle Manchester United Blackburn Fulham Manchester City Portsmouth

How did van der sar join man you?

van der Sar joined Manchester United from Fulham.

Who are the player in Manchester United?

Javier Hernandez (Chivas), Chris smalling (Fulham) and Bebe (Vitoria SC)

How much have Man Utd spent on Chris Smalling?

Manchester United have paid Fulham 7 million pounds.

Can you name the players who have played for both Manchester united and fulham?

Edwin van der sar Louis saha

Who did Manchester United face at the opening start of the Premier League 20067 season?

fulham 5-1 we trashd them

Which Premier League teams has Andy Cole scored for?

The Premier League teams that Andy Cole has scored for are: Newcastle United, Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Fulham, Manchester City, Portsmouth