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The halftime score was Dallas 17, Atlanta 7.

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On Christmas Day 2010, the Arizona Cardinals defeated the Dallas Cowboys, 27-26, at University of Phoenix Stadium.

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Q: What was the score at halftime between Dallas and Atlanta?
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What was the halftime game score in 2011 game in green bay against Atlanta Falcons?

The halftime score of the January 15, 2011 divisional playoff game was Green Bay 28, Atlanta 14. The Packers went on to win the contest, 48-21.

In soccer scoring what are the numbers in parenthesis beside the actual score?

The numbers inside the brackets after the score indicate what the score was at halftime. In the case of a penalty shootout, it could also indicate the result of the shootout.

What was the score at half time between Toledo and Ball St. on November 13 2007?

The score was 20-20 at halftime and Ball State won the game 41-20.

How do you score a goal at the halftime?

A goal can be scored in injury time.

What was the halftime score of Super Bowl III?

7-0 Jets

What was the halftime score in the 2010 Super Bowl?

The score was Indianapolis Colts 10, New Orleans Saints 6.

Who was the first Dallas Cowboys player to score a touchdown in Super Bowl VI?

It was Dallas wide receiver Lance Alworth, who caught a seven-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Roger Staubach near the end of the first half of Super Bowl VI. The score gave the Cowboys a 10-3 halftime lead over the AFC champion Miami Dolphins. Dallas went on to claim its first Super Bowl title with a 24-3 victory.

Lowest scoring women's basketball game?

The lowest score for a known women's basketball game was 16-7. It was the 5A Oregon state championship between Willamette and Springfield. Springfield won. The score was 4-0 at halftime.

What was the halftime score of Super Bowl XLIII?

Pittsburgh Steelers 17 Arizona Cardinals 7

What was the halftime score of Super Bowl IX?

Pittsburgh Steelers 2, Minnesota Vikings 0.

What was the score at half time 2008 orange bowl?

The halftime score was 17-7, Kansas. The final, also in favor of Kansas, was 24-21

Who won the football game between Dallas and Chicago on September 19 2010?

The Chicago Bears literally beat the Dallas "Cowgirls" into the ground. the score was 24 to 10