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to serve the shoguns that hired them and protect and expand their employers land or property

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Q: What was the samurai's main job?
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What is the Samurais job?

You people need to find better answers.

What did samurais they do during spare time?

They often did things contradicting from their job. Samurais often arranged flowers, wrote poems, and drank tea.

Who were the main characters in samurais tAle?

Emma and Taro And Lord Akiyama

Who attacked matsumoto castle?

as i have mentioned before loads of shoguns and daimyo was the main samurais that attacked the castle

Do samurais speak Thai?

No. Samurais are from Japan, not Thailand. They Speak Japanese.

What kind of weaponry do Samurais use?

Samurais are most noted for their katana use. Samurais are most skilled with the katana. Samurais also carry a backup weapon called a wakizashi. Both the katana and wakizashi are forms of a sword. Some Samurais also use a bow known as a yumi.

Are samurais flexible?

Are samurais are flexible especially for the female ones which are trained well.

How long do samurais have to serve?

As long as they still alive, they are still consider a samurais

Who would win in a fight Vikings or samries?

Vikings are much stronger, but Samurais are faster. Also Samurais aren't afraid to die so probably Samurais.

What did samurais do?

Samurais protected their lords in battle, as well as protected their lords land and people.

What are some interests of samurais?

They kill any people they want, and people are scared of the samurais!

In the samurais tale who was lord takeda's main enemy?

In japanes history, lord shingen takeda's main rival was kenshin uesugi. The takeda and uesugi are ancient enemies.

What were samurais required to do?

This link will provide some good information on Samurais.

Who is better Ninjas or Samurais?

History tells that ninjas used to be farmers, who defeated the samurais for revenge.

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In the book samurais tale Who were the two main warlords competing to become ruler of Japan?

The two main warlords competing to be ruler of Japan were Lord Takeda Shingen & Lord Uesegi Kenshin

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How old are samurais?


How did samurais train?


How did samurais behave?


Did the samurais role change during isolation?

during isolation the samurais role changed from fighting warrior to civil administrator

What do samurais live to do?

samurais were when japan was in the feudal system- they were hired by their lords to protect them from attackrs, and they would be given land in exchange

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