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Q: What was the roster of 2004 US basketball team?
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Who was on the roster for the US 1959 basketball team?

1959 army b ball foster

What place did the US Men's basketball team receive at 2004 summer Olympics?

The US men's basketball team won the bronze medal at the 2004 Games in Athens.

When was the US men's basketball team lost to Olympic games?


How do you get the mens US basketball team on nba 2k9?

Just create a new team and add all players to the roster. The computer will duplicate the players for this squad.

What sport did Dwyane Wade compete in for the US team in the 2004 Summer Olympics?

The U.S. basketball team won a bronze medal in the 2004 Summer Olympics.

How many gold medals have the US women's basketball team won in the Olympics?

The US women's team has won five gold medals in basketball in the Olympics: 2004, 2000, 1996, 1988, 1984

Who was the 2004 olympic basketball team coach?

The United States' winning streak in basketball, which started in 1936, was ended by the USSR at the 1972 Olympics.

Will team US win gold for basketball?


What is the nickname of the coach for 2008 US men's basketball team?

Redeem Team

What countries team is the world champion in basketball?

The US won the Olympics in men's basketball in the year of 2008. They are the best in basketball.

What sport did the US Dream Team play?

The USA dream team was the 1992 Olympic basketball team.

At the 2004 Olympics in which sport did Sheryl Swoopes compete for the US?