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Allen Bourbeau

Greg Brown

Clark Donatelli

Scott Fusco

Guy Gosselin

Tony Granato

Craig Janney

Jim Johannson

Peter Laviolette

Stephen Leach

Brian Leetch

Lane MacDonald

Corey Millen

Kevin Miller

Jeff Norton

Todd Okerlund

Mike Richter

Dave Snuggerud

Kevin Stevens

Chris Terreri

Eric Weinrich

Scott Young

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Ray LeBlanc
Scott Gordon
Greg Brown
Guy Gosselin
Bret Hedican
Dave Tretowicz
Sean Hill
Scott Lachance
Moe Mantha
Scott Young
Shawn McEachern
Joe Sacco
Clark Donatelli
C. J. Young
Tim Sweeney
Steve Heinze
Ted Donato
Marty McInnis
Jim Johannson
Ted Drury
Keith Tkachuk
David Emma

The U.S. team finished 4th at the 1992 Winter Games.

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The 1984 Olympics were held in Los Angeles, California. The seventeen-man squad chosen for the United States' home Olympic Games soccer tournament reads as follows:

  • David Brcic - New York Cosmos
  • Bruce Savage - Baltimore Blast
  • Gregg Thompson - Minnesota Strikers
  • Jeff Durgan - New York Cosmos
  • Kazbek Tambi - New York Cosmos
  • Angelo DiBernardo - New York Cosmos
  • Erhardt Kapp - Pittsburgh Spirit
  • Hernan "Chico" Borja - New York Cosmos
  • Steve Moyers - New York Cosmos
  • Rick Davis - St. Louis Steamers
  • Hugo Perez - San Diego Sockers
  • Kevin Crow - San Diego Sockers
  • Jean Willrich - San Diego Sockers
  • Mike Fox - Las Vegas Americans
  • Jamie Swanner - Clemson University
  • Jeff Hooker - Redshirt
  • Amr Aly - Columbia University

Of these players, seven played every minute of all three of the games that the United States played at the games, and three players did not participate in the tournament.

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1984 wa s the first Baseball Olympics there wasnt an 80 team

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Q: What was the roster for the 1984 US olympic soccer team?
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