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Roster of the US 1984 Olympic Baseball team: Sid Akins - P

Flavio Alfaro - SS

Don August - P

Scott Bankhead - P

Bob Caffrey - C/DH

Will Clark - LF/DH

Mike Dunne - P

Gary Green - SS

Chris Gwynn - RF

John Hoover - P

Barry Larkin - 2B/LF/DH

Shane Mack - LF/RF

John Marzano - C

Oddibe McDowell - CF

Mark McGwire - 1B

Pat Pacillo - P

Cory Snyder - 3B

B.J. Surhoff - C

Bill Swift - P

Bobby Witt - P

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1 Tookie Johnson 2B R/R 5-10 180 So. 1L Elmer, N.J. (Schalick HS) 2 Greg Naquin P R/R 5-9 165 Sr. 2L Thibodaux, La. (Thibodaux HS/Delgado JC) 3 Keith Osik SS R/R 5-11 185 So. 1L Wading River, N.Y. (Shoreham-Wading River HS) 4 Ron Lim OF L/L 5-7 154 Jr. TR Jacksonville, Fla. (Edward H. White HS/Florida CC) 5 Mike Bianco C S/R 5-9 185 Sr. 2L Seminole, Fla. (Seminole HS/Indian River CC) 7 Chris Moock 3B S/R 6-2 192 So. 1L Greenwell Springs, La. (Baker HS) 8 Gary Hymel C R/R 6-2 190 So. 1L Baton Rouge, La. (Belaire HS) 9 Todd Waggoner OF R/R 6-0 182 Sr. 2L Venice, Fla. (Venice HS) 10 Glenn Haggerty 2B R/R 5-8 155 Fr. HS New Orleans, La. (Holy Cross HS) 11 Scott Schneidewind OF R/R 5-10 165 Sr. 2L Pensacola, Fla. (Washington HS/Pensacola JC) 12 Pat Garrity 3B L/R 5-9 170 So. SQ Chalmette, La. (Holy Cross HS) 13 Luis Garcia INF/P R/R 5-10 175 Fr. HS Miami, Fla. (Columbus HS) 14 Jason Wall P L/L 5-11 195 Jr. SQ Baton Rouge, La. (Catholic HS) 16 Paul Byrd P R/R 6-0 170 Fr. HS Louisville, Ky. (St. Xavier HS) 17 Keith Millay P L/R 6-3 200 Fr. HS Owensboro, Ky. (Apollo HS) 18 Jared Mula OF R/R 6-0 188 Fr. HS Abbeville, La. (Abbeville HS) 19 Ben McDonald P R/R 6-7 212 Jr. 3L Denham Springs, La. (Denham Springs HS) 20 Matt Gruver OF L/R 6-3 200 Sr. 2L Orangevale, Calif. (Casa Roble HS/Sacramento CC) 21 Kevin Berry OF R/R 6-3 192 Jr. 1L Natchitoches, La. (Natchitoches Central HS/McClennan JC) 23 Phil Espinosa INF/P R/R 6-0 190 Sr. 1L Atlanta, Ga. (Marist HS/New Orleans) 24 Craig Cala OF R/R 6-1 200 Sr. 2L Foster City, Calif. (San Mateo HS/San Mateo JC) 27 Pete Bush 1B L/L 6-0 198 Sr. 3L Baton Rouge, La. (Belaire HS) 29 Mike Graham INF R/R 6-0 180 Fr. HS Monroe, La. (Ouachita Christian HS) 30 Chad Ogea P R/R 6-2 200 Fr. HS Lake Charles, La. (St. Louis HS) 32 David Herry P R/R 6-0 165 So. SQ Jefferson, La. (Holy Cross HS) 33 Russ Springer P R/R 6-4 195 Jr. 3L Pollock, La. (Grant HS) 35 Mickey Mondello C R/R 6-0 185 Fr. HS Natchitoches, La. (Natchitoches Central HS) 36 Wes Grisham 1B R/R 6-0 195 Jr. TR Norman, Okla. (Norman HS/Seminole JC) 37 Mark LaRosa P L/L 5-11 185 So. 1L Southington, Conn. (Southington HS) 39 Richard Doughty C R/R 6-0 180 Jr. 1L Baton Rouge, La. (Eisenhower HS/Southwest Texas St.) 40 Rusty Jenkins P R/R 5-11 160 Fr. RS Amite, La. (Amite HS) 41 John O'Donoghue P L/L 6-6 192 So. 1L Elkton, Md. (Elkton HS) 42 Curtis Leskanic P R/R 6-0 180 Jr. 1L Munhall, Pa. (Steel Valley HS/Allegheny JC) 51 Eric Strovink OF R/R 6-1 210 Fr. 1L Wading River, N.Y. (Shoreham-Wading River HS)Hope that helped!

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The players that were on the 1989 New York Yankees roster were Dave Eiland, Al Leiter, Goose Gossage, Tommy John, Eric Punk, Dave Righetti, Walt Terrell, Don Schulze, Clay Parker, Scott Nielsen, Dale Mohorcic, Kevin Mmahat, Lance McCullers, Jimmy Jones, Dave LaPoint, Andy Hawkins, Lee Guetterman, Richard Dotson, Bobby Davidson, Greg Cadaret, Chuck Cary, John Candelaria, Bob Geren, Brian Dorsett, Don Slaught, Jamie Quirk, Randy Velarde, Steve Sax, Wayne Tolleson, Mike Blowers, Alvaro Espinoza, Tom Brookens, Steve Kiefer, Don Mattingly, Hensley Meulens, Mike Pagliarulo, Bob Brower, Jesse Barfield, Mell Hall, Stan Jefferson, Rickey Henderson, Roberto Kelly, Hal MOrris, Marcus Lawton, Deion Sanders, Luis Polonia, Gary Ward and Ken Phelps.

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Q: What was the roster for the 1984 US olympic baseball team?
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