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Steve Bucknall Sr 6-6 F *

Jeff Lebo Sr 6-3 G *

David May Sr 6-7 F

Bill Akins Jr 6-5 G/F

Jeff Denny Jr 6-4 G

John Greene Jr 6-10 C

Marty Hensley Jr 6-11 C/F

Kevin Madden Jr 6-6 F/G *

J.R. Reid Jr 6-9 F/C

Scott Williams Jr 6-11 C *

Pete Chilcutt So 6-9 F

Rick Fox So 6-7 F

King Rice So 6-0 G *

Hubert Davis Fr 6-4 G

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Roster for the 1981-82 season


Jeb Barlow Sr 6-8 F

Jimmy Black Sr 6-3 G

Chris Brust Sr 6-9 F

Jim Braddock Jr 6-2 G

James Worthy Jr 6-9 F

Matt Doherty So 6-8 F

Cecil Exum So 6-6 F

Sam Perkins So 6-9 C

John Brownlee Fr 6-10 F/C

Michael Jordan Fr 6-6 G/F

Timo Makkonen Fr 6-11 C

Warren Martin Fr 6-11 F/C

Robert "Buzz" Peterson Fr 6-4 G

Lynwood Robinson Fr 6-1 G

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Roster of the 1971-72 Tar Heels: Bill Chamberlain - G/F

Bill Chambers - G/F

Craig Corson - F/C

Kim Huband - G/F

Steve Previs - G

Dennis Wuycik - F

Roger Jamison - G

Donn Johnston - F

George Karl - G

Bob McAdoo - F/C

Darrell Elston - G/F

Ray Hite - G

Bobby Jones - F

John O'Donnell - F

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Michael Jordan; sam perkins; Kenny smith; brad daugherty; Matt doherty; buzz Peterson; Steve hale; joe wolf; Dave popson; cliff Morris; cecil exum; timo makkonen

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Q: What was the roster for NC men's basketball in 1981?
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