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Q: What was the result of the match played between Italy and new zealand in 2010 fifa world cup?
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What was the result of the match played between Slovakia and Italy in 2010 fifa world cup?

Slovakia 3-2 Italy

Who scored the first goal in the match between New Zealand and Italy?

Shane Smeltz (New Zealand)

Why does Italy rank above New Zealand in their group?

Italy ranks higher then NewZealand as they have played only two world cups. But Italy have won four world cups.

How many kilometers from Italy to New Zealand?

The distance from Italy to New Zealand is approximately 18,565 kilometers. However this number may vary significantly depend on where in Italy you start from and where in New Zealand you are traveling to. A more precise answer would need that information.

How many times has the World Cup final gone into extra time?

In 1934, when Italy played against Czechoslovakia, the extra time result was 2-1 for Italy. In 1966, when England played against Germany FR, the extra time result was 4-2 for England. In 1994, when Brazil played against Italy, after extra time it was still even, so the penalty shoot-out result was 3-2 for Brazil. In 2006, when France played against Italy, after extra time it was 1-1, so the penalty shoot-out result was 5-3 for Italy. Also, in 2010, when Spain played against The Netherlands, the Extra time result was 1-0 for Spain.

Countries which lie in temperate zone?

Usa New Zealand Italy and ect

Is Italy's population bigger than New Zealand's population?


How many hours is Italy behind New Zealand?

New Zealand's standard time is GMT+12. Italy's is GMT+1. So, disregarding Daylight Savings Time, Italy is eleven hours behind New Zealand.

What are similarities and differences that Italy and new zealand have?

Italy has more cheese and wine those are the major things in Italy compare to new Zealand all the cheese we get is imported from Italy so are some wine.

Is NZ larger than Italy?

Italy is larger than New Zealand. Italy has a land area of 301,338 square KM while New Zealand only has 268,021 square KM.

Italy's landscape compared to New Zealand's?

unlike new zealend Italy has the alps

What sort of money do Italy use?

italy uses dollars like new zealand .