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Q: What was the result of the match played between Germany and Uruguay in 2010 fifa world cup?
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What was the result of the match played between Uruguay and Korea Republic in 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Uruguay 2-1 over South Korea

What was the result of the match played between Argentina and Germany in 2010 fifa world cup?

Argentina 0-4 Germany

What was the result of the match played between Germany and England in 2010 fifa world cup?

Germany 4-1 England

Who did Uruguay gain their independence from?

A British Lord worked as intermediate between Argentina and Brazil to fix the dispute over the territory where now Uruguay is. The result of this treaty was the creation of a new country at the east of the Uruguay River (that's why Uruguay full name is "República Oriental del Uruguay", what means Eastern Republic of Uruguay). This Lord was named John Ponsonby.

Which of these events was a result of Martin Luther's activities?

There were peasant revolts and religious wars in Germany. Eventually Germany was divided between Catholic and Protestant states.

What country was to be split in half as a result of the non aggression pact between the soviet Union and Germany?


What was the result of the match played between France and Mexico?

Mexico won 2-0

What was the US's relationship with Germany like in 1917?

Relations between the US and Germany were very strained as a result of the German policy of unstrestricted submarine warfare. In 1915 the sinking of the Lusitania played a key role in turning opinion in the US against Germany. In 1916 an attack on the Sussex resulted in Germany giving a solemn pledge not to attack pssanger vessels. However, a year later, Germany revoked this pledge. There was also the Zimmermann telegram.

What kind of governments arose in Germany Italy and Spain as a result of the political confusion and instability between two world wars?

Fascism .

Who won the FIFA World Cup game between Germany and Spain on 7th June 2010?

The result of the semi-final match between Germany and Spain was a 1-0 victory for Spain - the scorer was Carles Puyol, in the 73rd minute.

What caused Germany to be didvided?

Germany was divided (assuming you are referring to east and West Germany divide after WWII) was the result of two superpowers conquering a nation and the subsequent rivalry between the conquering powers as to how the new government should be run.

What were the result of the world war1?

It led to Germany