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the prospectors who flocked to California in 1849

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They left to go find gold in california in the period close to 1849

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Q: What was the relationship between the forty-niners and the gold rush?
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Why were they called fortyniners?

The forty niners were called the forty niners because the gold rush was in 1849.

What were the fortyniners of the California gold rush named for?

The '49ers were named so due to the Gold Rush having began in 1849.

What American gold rush was before the Victorian gold rush?

The Californian gold rush!

What year was the Yukon gold rush?

the klondike gold rush is the main name and they found gold 1896 but the actual rush began 1897

What the famous gold rush?

California gold rush

When was the the gold rush?

cariboo gold rush in b.c.,canada - 1857 but the actual gold rush didn't start until 1861

What was the population of Ballarat during the Gold Rush?

During the 1850s gold rush, the population of Ballarat grew to more than 20,000 people. This was between 1851 and 1867.

Did it rain in the gold rush?

Yes, it rained in the Gold Rush.

Was the California gold rush the biggest gold rush?


How did California Gold Rush affects the nation?

By the gold rush!

What was the Alaskan gold rush?

The Alaskan gold rush was in 1897

Who came to the gold rush?

There was no gold rush in Australia in the 1840s.