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Q: What was the regular season record of the villanova 1985 basketball team?
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Which NCAA basketball team went undefeated in the regular season only to be defeated in the first round of the NCAA tournament?


What was the giant's regular season record?

Their regular season record in 2007 was 10-6

How many basketball games are played in a regular basketball season?

82 games in the regular season for each NBA ball club

Games in a basketball season?

Regular season 82 games

What was the Dallas Cowboys 2007 regular season record?

The Cowboys 2007 regular season record was 13-3.

What was the Pittsburgh Steelers regular season record in 2004?

In 2004, the Steelers had a 15-1 regular season record.

When does a regular basketball season start?


What was New Orleans Saints 2009 regular season record?

Their regular season record for the 2009-2010 football season was 13-3.

What was the Packers final record for the 2006 regular season?

The Packers final record for the 2006 regular season was 8-8.

What is the the season record for Redskins in 2006?

The Redskins regular season record in the 2006 NFL season was 5-11.

What was the Cowboys season record in 1996?

The Cowboys record was 10-6 in the 1996 regular season.

What was the 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers regular season record?

In 2005 when the Steelers won the Super Bowl, their regular season record was 11-5.