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Sonny Jurgensen (starter)

George Izo (backup)

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Sonny Jurgensen was the starter and Dick Shiner was the backup.

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Cary Conklin was the Redskins' Quarterback in 1992. Conklin played for the Washington Redskins from 1990 until 1993. He played for the San Francisco 49ers in 1995.

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Q: What was the redskins quarterback in 1966?
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Who is the starting quarterback for the redskins in 2008?

For 2008 it was Jason Cambell, in 09, it will probably still be Cambell

Who was the quarterback on the 1992 Redskins?

mark rypien

Who is the quarterback for the redskins team?

Jason Campbel

Who was the Washington Redskins quarterback in 2000?

In 2000, Brad Johnson started eleven games at quarterback for the Washington Redskins and Jeff George started five.

Who was the first quarterback of the redskins?

In 1937 the first year in Washington there quarterback was Sammy Baugh!

Who was the quarterback for the Washington Redskins in 1940?

Sammy baugh

Who was the redskins quarterback in the1992 superbowl?

mark rypien

Who was the Quarterback of the 1999 Washington Redskins?

Brad Johnson

Who was the Redskins Pro Bowl quarterback in 1999?

Brad Johnson

What quarterback played for the Carolina Panthers and the Washington Redskins?

Rodney Peete was with the Redskins in 1999 and the Panthers from 2001-2003.

What NFL quarterback got traded to the Washington Redskins?

donavan mcnabb

What redskins quarterback beat the broncos in super bowl?

Doug Williams.