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This is a trick question.

When the team started in 1926 they weren't the Red Wings, they were the Cougars and their starting goalie was Hap Holmes.

In 1930 they changed their name for a couple of years to the Falcons with Dolly Dolson in goal.

In 1932, they settled on the Red Wings as their title and the goalie was John Ross Roach.

Hope that answered the question... and maybe spurred a couple more!

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Detroit's starting goalie is Chris Osgood (#30). Osgood was considered a backup to Dominick Hasek (retired) in the 2007-08 season but won the starting roll during the playoffs. Osgood's backup this year is Ty Conklin (#29). Conklin was a backup on the Pittsburgh Penguin's bench last season. He signed with the Wings as a free agent in July 2008.

but all the people on the the Detroit redwings game in the finals

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Manny Legace played in 39 games, going 24-5-5. Chris Osgood was the starter, playing 52 (25-19-4).

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Q: What was the red wings first goalies name?
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Who was the red wings goalie in the 1996 season?

The Red Wings goalies for the 1995-96 season were Chris Osgood (50 games), Mike Vernon (32 games), and Kevin Hodson (4 games).

Who was the Red Wings first captain?

Art Duncan

What is the name of the B team for the red wings?

The farm team for the wings is the Grand Rapids Griffins

Who was the first captain of the Detroit red wings?

In 1933, the old Detroit Falcons were purchased by Mr. James Norris and renamed the Red Wings.

What was the name of the Detroit Red Wings in 1931?

The Detroit Falcons.

Sports teams with a color in its name?

Detroit RED Wings

What was the name of the Detroit Red Wings when they first joined the NHL in the 1920s?

The Detroit Red Wings were originally named the Detroit Cougars in honor of the Victoria Cougars, formerly of the defunct PCHL, whose players were acquired by the new Detroit franchise.

What is the significance of the wings on red wings logo?

Red .... wings. Wings. Do you get the significance now?

What is the name of the building where the Red Wings play?

The Joe Louis Arena

Who won the first Norris Trophy?

1953-54 Red Kelly Detroit Red Wings

Who was the Red Wings' first opponent at Joe Louis Arena?

The St. Louis Blues defeated the Red Wings 3-2 on December 27, 1979.

What was the first game the Red Wings ever played?

The Detroit Red Wings played their first game on November 18, 1926, against the Boston Bruins in Border Cities Arena in Windsor, Ontario. They were known, at the time, as the Detroit Cougars. They would not be renamed the Red Wings until 1932.