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Q: What was the reason New England settled in Massachusetts?
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Did the puritans settled in New England?


What is the area where the Pilgrims settled in New England?

Massachusetts bay

This New England state was settled by pilgrims and puritans?


The area where the Puritans settled in New England was .?

Massachusetts Bay

What are facts about colonial massachusetts?

It was the first new england colony to be settled

What colony was settled by the puritans?

The colony of Salem, Massachusetts was settled by the Puritans. The Puritan's colonized Salem in 1626 after leaving England in search of their own religious freedom.

Did puritans settled in North Carolina?

No, puritans settled in the New England Colonies which include: Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maine.

What state did the puritans settle?

Some went to Virginia, but most settled in New England, establishing the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts in 1620, the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the area of present-day Boston in 1829, and the Connecticut Colony in 1636.

Who were the English religious exiles who settled in new England and established Massachusetts bay colony in 1630?


Where did puritans settle?

Puritans: settled in Massachusetts, Cape Cod (Plymouth, New England, Boston, Salem Etc.)

When did the New England Colonies settle?

the pilgrims were puritans they wanted to go to Virgina but ended up in Massachusetts in 1620.

Where did the puritan's first settle?

They settled in the Massachusetts Bay area. The first colony was on the east coast of North America.