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what is the prize for 2nd in the acient Olympics games

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Q: What was the prize for second ancient Olympics games?
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What was the prize for the Olympics in ancient Greece?

usually celery.

What prize did the each winner receive in the ancient Olympics?

A head wreath.

What prize did the winners get in the ancient Olympics?

They got medals.

What was the wrestling prize in ancient Greece in the Olympic games?

The prize of the ancient olympic games was a crown made of olive tree branches and food for life.

In ancient Olympics did the losers get a prize?

i cant really say but maybe they were given to lions for lunch!

What is the prize in the oylmpics?

In the ancient Olympics the prize was a laurel wreath which was worn on the head. In other words some twigs from a nearby tree - the athletes competed to see who was best and not for a monetary reward. In the modern Olympics the awards are medals: Gold for the winner, Silver for the person or team who came second and a Bronze for third position.

What were given to the Olympics games winners?

The original Olympic prize was a laurel wreath.

In ancient greek Olympics what did they receive as a winning prize?

it was an olive crown which was gold and a statue made in their honor

Where does the phrase don't rest on your laurels come from?

In ancient Greek games (as, fo example, the Olympic Games) the prize for the winner was a laurel wreath. In ancient Greek games (as, fo example, the Olympic Games) the prize for the winner was a laurel wreath.

In the ancient Greek Olympic games what did the winner receive?

A wreath of olive branches was placed on the winner's head at the ancient Olympics in Greece.

He prize for winning an event in the Olympic Games was?

In the modern olympics, you get a Gold medal and your anthem, plus possibly a bunch of flowers In the ancient olympics, you get a leaf crown and a small bottle of olive oil. For A+ users: A crown of olive leaves

Did Ladies do the Ancient Greeks Olympics?

Women did not participate in the Ancient Olympics. Only Greek speaking men were allowed to participate. Exception: in the chariot-race the owner of the horses was considered to be the competitor, and got the prize if they won. Women could put their horses in for the chariot race, and were considered competitors when they did.