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i think it was let the bodies hit the floor-drowning pool

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Q: What was the past WWE RAW theme song?
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What is the WWE raw theme song?

horse rock

Where you can download WWE raw new theme song?

At the WWE web site.

Wwe theme song?

for raw it is Nickelback smackdown not sure

Who is the artist of the WWE raw theme song to be loved?

It is Papa Roach. I love that song.

What is the name of WWE's Raw theme song?

Burn It To The Ground by Nickelback

What is the new WWE raw theme song?

Burn it to the ground by Nickelback

What is the name of WWE's Raw 2007 theme song?

To be loved by Papa Roach

What is the new 2010 WWE theme song?

RAW - Nickelback - Burn it to the ground

What is the papa roach song on WWE?

if you mean the raw theme tune its to be loved

Where can you download WWE RAW's new theme song by PapaRoach for free?


What is the beginning song of WWE?

The theme song for RAW is "Burn It to the Ground" by Nickelback. The theme song for SmackDown is "Know Your Enemy" by Green Day. The theme song for WWESuperstars is "Invincible" by Adelitas Way. And the theme song for WWE NXT is "Wild and Young" by American Bang.

Can Papa Roach be the next guest host on WWE Raw?

yeah cause he sings the raw theme song