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I don't know so there! HA HA!

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Q: What was the padres job to do in San Gabriel?
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Who took care of the lifestock on Mission San Gabriel?

The padres and the natives.

What were the padres job at mission san Luis obispo de tolosa?

the padres job for San Luis Tolosa is giving church and confess people

What did the padres do at mission San Gabriel Arcangel?

The padres at Mission San Gabriel Archangel were responsible for running the Mission and instructing the new converts and children in the Catholic faith. They oversaw the building of mission and outlying buildings. They were in charge of making sure the natives did their chores, and abided by mission rules.

What city is near mission San Gabriel?

Mission San Gabriel Arcangel is located in the city San Gabriel.

Where is the San Gabriel Historical Museum in San Gabriel California located?

The address of the San Gabriel Historical Museum is: 546 W Broadway, San Gabriel, CA 91776-1109

What is the phone number of the San Gabriel Library in San Gabriel?

The phone number of the San Gabriel Library is: 626-287-0761.

How did mission san gabriel gets it name?

how did San gabriel get its name

When was san gabriel built?

San Gabriel was built on September 8, 1771 and was named after the Arcangel Gabriel.

When was San Diego Padres - PCL - created?

San Diego Padres - PCL - was created in 1936.

When did San Diego Padres - PCL - end?

San Diego Padres - PCL - ended in 1968.

What is Will Venable's number on the San Diego Padres?

Will Venable is number 25 on the San Diego Padres.

What is San Gabriel Mixtepec's population?

The population of San Gabriel Mixtepec is 3,930.