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The Outer Drive Hero Drivers Club is a rally organization in Chicago. It was begun in the early 1960's or late 1950's, by a group of individuals who were involved in SCCA racing in the Mid-West. Originators included Bob Lester, owner of Team Wink, and the Foreign Car Hospital; Terry Jesk, driver for Team Wink, Jon Hill, Ron Letellier, and many others who are still involved in ODHDC.

The premise was to rendezvous at a location, where maps and instructions would be passed out. The funnier, more ludicrous, ridiculous and maddening the better. The clues always centered around locations and landmarks in the Chicago region. If ANYONE reads this and has copies of some of the early Bob Lester & Co authored instructions please contact me at (

Assuming you made it to the end, a wild party would ensue, either at an obliging restaurant (with a good bar) or someplace like a beach or forest preserve. Silly trophies were awarded and then everyone would commence to drinking, telling whoppers and swapping wives.

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Q: What was the outerdrive hero drivers club?
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