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The Gators only loss in the 1996 season was November 30 when Florida State beat them, 24-21, in Tallahassee.

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Q: What was the only team to defeat the Florida Gators in 1996?
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What was the only team to defeat the Florida Gators in 2006?


How many notional championships do Florida gators have?

i might be wrong but im pretty sure the Florida Gators have only won two national championships. one in 1996 and one in 2007...

Which team handed the Gators their only defeat in 2006?


Who is the only team that the Florida Gators lost to in 2006?

October 14, 2006: Auburn 27, Florida 17

Who is the only team to beat the 2008 Florida Gators in football?

ole miss rebels 31-30

How many games did Florida gators win in 1995?

Twelve. They were 12-1. The only loss came to Nebraska for the National Championship.

How many national championships have the Florida gators won iin basketball?

The University of Florida Gators football team has won 3 National Titles. The first was in 1996 vs. Florida State by a score of 54-20 with Head Coach Steve Spurrier . The second was 2006 vs. Ohio State by a score of 41-14 under Head Coach Urban Meyer. The third was 2008 vs. Oklahoma by a score of 24-14, also under Urban Meyer. The Gators have also won 7 SEC Championships in: 1993- Steve Spurrier 1994- Steve Spurrier 1995- Steve Spurrier 1996- Steve Spurrier 2000- Steve Spurrier 2006- Urban Meyer

Last time Florida gators beat Miami hurricanes in football?

September 7, 1985 Florida 35 Miami 23 It was 1985, even though the two have only played six times since.

Who did Florida play in 1996 for the BCS championship?

The BCS was only introduced in 1998.In 1996 Florida won the national championship after beating FSU in the Sugar Bowl.

Who was the best college football team in the 2007-2008?

The Florida GATORS DER DI DER because they won the championship in 2008.They also only have lost 1 game and that was against Ole Miss.

Are there any good veternary colleges in Florida?

There is only one AVMA accredited school in Florida and that is University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine Gainesville, Florida There are other veterinary programs in Florida including those for technican and assistant, some which can be taken online.

What are the shoulder designs on Florida gators' new uniforms?

Its a promotion by Nike for their new Nike Pro Combat gear. Nike made one time only new uniforms for a few teams including Missouri, Florida, Miami, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Florida State, Virginia Tech, and a few others. They are supposedly the lightest uniforms ever.