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Q: What was the oldest player to ever enter minor league baseball his first year?
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How do you get in the Major League Baseball?

be a good ball player enter the draft and get drafted

What do you have to do to get in the Major League Baseball?

be a good ball player enter the draft and get drafted

Can a starting player re-enter the game?

not in major league baseball...once you are substituted for you are out of the game

When did Matt holliday enter the Major League Baseball?

2004 for the Colorado Rockies

How do you unlock everything on Major league baseball 2K6?

Enter Derek Jeter

What year did the Toronto Blue Jays enter Major League Baseball?

In 1977

Can a professional baseball re enter if he is pitch ran for?

No. Once a player is substitued for in professional baseball he may not re-enter the game.

How do you enter a soccer team in major league soccer?

You have to get recruited if your a great soccer player

What are the education requirements to enter the professional baseball league?

modern day,you have to have finished high school

What year did the colorado rockies enter major league baseball?

The Rockies entered MLB in 1993.

What is the rule in major league baseball that allows a player to return to the game even after being replaced?

In major league baseball, a player may not re-enter the game after he has been removed. However; the all-star game has its own set of rules such that a catcher can return. (I only vaguely remember hearing this on a Fox broadcast and have not actually looked up that that could be inaccurate.)

Nolan Ryan when did he enter the major baseball league?

Nolan Ryan made his Major League debut with the New York Mets on September 11, 1966.