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Funny, I was trying to figure out the exact same thing... I went to and opened the gamebook for the matchup and it shows in the upper right the following: "Start Time: 12:37 PM EST" I'm guessing that 12:37 was the kickoff time, the game was scheduled for 12:30.

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Q: What was the official kick off time for the thanksgiving 2008 football game between the Tennessee Titans and the Detroit Lions?
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1934 Thanksgiving football game?

Detroit Lions

Who were the first to play football on thanksgiving day in 1934?

detroit lions

What two football teams are playing on Thanksgiving 2010?

Detroit Lions And The New England Patriots Will Play At Ford Field In Detroit MI, Thanksgiving 2010

The first thanksgiving football game was started in 1934 by which team?

The first NFL game on Thanksgiving is Tennessee Titans vs the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. The kickoff is scheduled for 12:30 eastern standard time.

What year did the Detroit Lions begin the traditional thanksgiving day football game with the green bay packers?


Who won the lions football game today?

This year Detroit defeated the Chicago 34 to 17 on Thanksgiving day.

What two played on Thanksgiving day in 1934?

The two teams that played on Thanksgiving day in 1934 were the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears. This game was the first ever Thanksgiving Day game for the Lions.

What is the popular sport on thanksgiving?

FOOTBALL... Usaually its The Detroit Lions play someone. And The Dallas Cowboys play someone

When was the first NFL football game on Thanksgiving broadcast on the radio and what teams played in the game?

The first NFL football game on Thanksgiving was broadcast on the radio in 1934. The teams that played in the game were the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears.

Will Dallas or Detroit ever NOT host a Thanksgiving Day game?

no detroit and dallas will always play on thanksgiving.

When does football come on?

The first Football game on American Thanksgiving in 2007 starts at 12:30 eastern standard time, in a game between the Greenbay Packers and the Detroit Lions.

Who will play football in 2008 on Thanksgiving?

Tennessee Titans vs Detroit Lions, 12:30 pm est Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas Cowboys, 4:15 pm est Arizona Cardinals vs Philadelphia Eagles, 8:15 pm est