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Yogi Berra played in 75 World Series games, which is a Major League record.

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Q: What was the number of World Series games New York Yankees Yogi Berra played in?
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What player has participated in a record number 75 World Series games?

Yogi Berra who played in 14 World Series with the New York Yankees.

What individual has been in the most World Series games?

With 14 World Series appearances, Yankees catcher and outfielder Yogi Berra played the most times in this event. Berra, who played 19 major league seasons for the Yankees, appeared in the Fall Classics of 1947, 1949-1953, 1955-1958 and 1960-1963. The Yankees won 10 world championships during that time.

Baseball players most World Series?

Yogi Berra played in 14 World Series with the Yankees winning 10.

Who has the most World Series rings on the New York Yankees besides Yogi Berra?

Joe DiMaggio played on 9 Yankees teams that won the World Series.

Who played in the most World Series?

That is Yogi Berra who played in 14 World Series, all with the New York Yankees.

What person has won the most World Series title?

The New York Yankees have won the most World Series, with 27 championships. The St. Louis Cardinals are next, with 10 championships.

What individual has played for the most World Series Champion teams?

Yogi Berra of the New York Yankees with 10 World Series wins as a player.

Which major league player with most World Series rings?

One for Each fingerYogi Berra won 10 World Series rings with the New York Yankees. Berra played in a total of 14 World Series.

What baseball player has played in the most number of World Series games?

Yogi Berra

Which New York Yankees hall of famer of the 1950's had a son who played for the New York Yankees in the 1980s?

Dale Berra, son of hall of famer Yogi Berra, played for the Yankees from 1985-1986.

Whose number 8 jersey has been retired by the New York Yankees?

Yogi Berra and Bill Dickey both had their number 8 jerseys retired by the Yankees.

Did yogi berra win a World Series?

Yes. Yogi Berra won 10 World Series as a player for the New York Yankees. This is the most World Series won by a player in MLB hsitory.