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CY Young His carear stats are in that link.

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Cyclone, shortened to Cy.

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Cy Young

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Q: What was the nickname of the pitcher who won over 500 career MLB games?
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What major league player hit over 400 home runs and won over 90 games as a pitcher?

Babe Ruth won 94 regular season games (and 3 World Series games) as a pitcher and hit 714 home runs.

What major league baseball pitcher won over 200 games but lost more than he won?

Bobo Newsom (211-222) and Jack Powell (245-254). Also, Charlie Hough had a 216-216 career record.

How many games has Rafael Nadal won over his career?

he has won 112/134

What left handed pitcher holds the record for the most career strikeouts?

Randy Johnson has the most strikeouts by a left handed pitcher. He also has the second most strikeouts all-time and over 300 wins.

Which New York Yankees pitcher lost three games in one World Series?

George Frazier was the losing pitcher in Games 3, 4, and 6 of the 1981 World Series, won by the Los Angeles Dodgers over the Yankees 4 games to 2.

What hall of fame major league baseball pitcher lost over 300 games?

Cy Young (511-316)

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Nickname for a Major League Baseball pitcher?

Randy Johnson - The big Unit The nicknames of a baseball pitcher are as follows; hurler, fireballer ( a good fastball pitcher), starter ( usually only starts games) ace ( your best starting pitcher), reliever ( takes over in later innings for a starter), setup man ( 8th inning guy who sets up for the 9th inning) closer ( comes in usually only for the 9th inning to close out a game) middle reliever, southpaw ( a left handed pitcher), lefty, righty, some one who is "on the bump" is a pitcher and it refers to the pitcher's mound, Knuckleballer ( a pitcher who usually only throws a slow, hard to hit knuckleball), specialist ( usually refers to a left handed pitcher that only pitches to left handed batters). That's all I can think of right now.

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