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  • Boston Arena (1946), site of the first Celtics game and where the parquet floor was originally installed. Served as a secondary venue during the franchise's early years. Now known as Northeastern University's Matthews Arena
  • Boston Garden (1946-1995)
  • Hartford Civic Center (1975-1995), occasionally used for home games
  • TD Garden (1995-present), formerly known as the Fleet Center (1995-2005) and the TD Banknorth Garden (2005-2009)
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Boston Gardens

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Q: What was the name of the original Boston Celtics basketball arena?
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What is the name of the Boston Celtics basketball arena?

The Celtics play their home games at the TD Garden.

Capacity of Boston Celtics arena?

NHL Hockey(Boston Bruins): 17,565NBA Basketball(Boston Celtics): 18,624For any event(non-sports related): 19,580

Who is the founder of the Boston Celtics?

The Boston Celtics were formed Boston Garden-Arena Corporation President Walter A. Brown.

Name the NBA team whose home arena is in Massachusetts?

The Boston Celtics are from Massachusetts.

When did the Boston Celtics win their first game?

1946 in Boston Arena

What does td stand for in Boston celtics arena?

The Arena is owned by Toronto-Dominion Bank.

What is the name of the arena that the Boston Celtics play in?

TD North Bank Gardens

How do you call the place the basketball players play like la vs celtics?

An arena

When did the Celtics start playing in TD Garden?

The FleetCenter, the original name of the TD Garden, replaced the venerable Boston Garden, which had been in operation since 1928. The new arena, home of the Celtics and the National Hockey League Boston Bruins, opened on September 30, 1995. The Celtics' first win there was a 113-109 victory over the Phoenix Suns on November 8, 1995.

What is the name of the of the Boston Celtics arena?

TD North bank Gardens

How much are tickets to a Boston Celtics game?

Usually tickets to any sporting event vary in price. They include cheaper tickets that are for the upper arena and more expensive tickets that get you closer to the action. I was unable to find prices for Boston Celtics tickets due to the current NBA lockout.

What does TD stand for in the Celtics arena?