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there are alot of hockey teams that play in the minors

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Q: What was the name of the hockey team that played minor league hockey?
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What was the name of the minor league baseball team in 1956?

San Francisco Seals. They played in the PCL Pacific Coast League.

When did Vancouver millionaires change name to the Vancouver canucks?

These two organizations are not related. The Vancouver Millionaires existed from 1911 to 1926, competing in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association and Western Canada Hockey League. The team was called the Vancouver Maroons from 1922 to 1926. The Vancouver Canucks were formed in 1945 and played in two minor leagues until 1970: Pacific Coast Hockey League and Western Hockey League. The Canucks joined the NHL in the 1970 expansion.

Whats the name of the second highest Hockey league?

The American Hockey League, which serves as a minor league feeder system for the NHL, is generally regarded as the second best league in the world. However, there are several leagues in Europe which are probably on par with the AHL. These would include the KHL in Russia, the Swedish Elite League, and the DEL in Germany.

What is the name of the trophy given to the best playoff hockey in the national hockey league?

The Stanley Cup

How many pro hockey teams are or were named the Roadrunners?

The name Roadrunners has been associated with the city of Phoenix for a long time. Over the years hockey teams named the Phoenix Roadrunners have played in the World Hockey Association (WHA), the International Hockey League (IHL), the Pacific Hockey League (PHL), the Central Hockey League (CHL), and the East Coast Hockey League, now known simply as the ECHL. I can't recall any other city or town having the nickname Roadrunners for their hockey team, but maybe someone else out there might know.

Name 2 amateur sport awards in Canada?

Minor hockey week champions, amatuer hockey city championship

What hockey player's first name begins with the letter U?

Uwe Krupp played in the National Hockey League for the several teams including the Buffalo Sabres and New York Islanders.

What is the name of South Carolina's hockey team?

The Columbia Inferno and the Carolina Stingrays of the East Coast Hockey League.

What is the Charlotte Checkers ice hockey team famous for?

The Charlotte Checkers ice hockey team are a minor league professional team. The team is based on a franchise of the same name, this team broke the record for numbers of spectators in attendance for their first game.

What is the name of Atlanta Georgia's National Hockey League team?

Atlanta Thrashers.

Gordie Howe involved in a national amateur hockey league in 1986 what was the name of the league?

Detroit Red Wings

What is the best minor league baseball team name?

Montgomery Biscuits

What is the name of the minor league team for the Washington Nationals?

Syracusa Chiefs

Who is the president of the National hockey league?

The NHL is run by a Commissioner. His name is Gary Bettman.

Did a Major League Baseball pitcher named Steve Adams ever exist?

No one by the name of Steve Adams pitched in MLB but there were two pitchers named Steve Adams that played minor league ball.Frederick Steven Adams played for the Pittsburgh Pirates affiliate in the Gulf Coast League in 1984 and 1985. Steven Scott Adams played for several teams in the Pirates minor league system between 1986-1991.

When did the American league start play?

The American League was founded in 1894 as a minor league and was known as the Western League. The name was changed to American League for the 1900 season and it remained a minor league. The American League declared itself a major league in 1901 and has been a major league ever since.

What were the minor league baseball teams of the 1950's?

I'm trying to find out about my stepfather. He played AA ball for a Chicago farm club. He was a pithcer, and his name was Dan Charles Prentice. Although baseball is a game of statistics, minor league players are hard to find.

Why are the San Diego Padres called the Padres?

It was the name of a minor league baseball team that played in San Diego years earlier. The name also reflected the roles that missionaries played in the development of California before statehood.

Name of trophy that is awarded to hockey league's championship team at the end of playoffs?

Vezina Trophy

What is the name of the Kansas City Royals Single A minor league team?

The Kansas City Royals Single A minor league team is the Kane County Cougars. They play in the Midwest League, located in Geneva, Illinois.

Name one team sport played at the Olympics?

Field hockey.

Name a sport that can be played both indoors and outdoors?

Netball or hockey :)

In twilight what is the name of rennes boyfriend?

The name of Renee's boyfriend is Phil. Phil is a minor-league baseball player.

What is the name of the Tampa Bay Rays AAA minor league team And what was the name of the movie in which the team was featured?

The Rookie

What is the name of the game that is like hockey but played on ice?

well there is ice hockey and there is curling which is more like shuffleboard on ice